Pub & Bar Careers website launches

By James Wallin, M&C Allegra

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Pub & Bar Careers website launches, a new website showcasing the range of career opportunities in the sector, has been officially launched.

The new website​ provides access to information on a variety of roles in the sector and matches skills to jobs in an effort to raise the profile of licensed retail and attract top talent to the wide range of career choices available.

The launch took place earlier this week at the Pub Retail Summit, organised by the PMA​ and M&C Allegra​.

Speaking at the event, CPL Training’s Dan Davies, and chief executive of The Perceptions Group, Suzanne Jackson, described the initiative’s plans to establish the UK pub and bar sector as the brand of opportunity and diversity, attracting the UK’s most dynamic talent.

Jackson said: “As an industry, we have been selling ourselves short. We have displayed growth year on year, drawing customers in with an endless supply of creative and innovative concepts and the market is only set to get bigger. The achievements made already highlight the scope of possibility for the future and we must enable our progress by becoming attractive to the highest caliber of young person.

“Pub and Bar Careers is designed for us to work together to build positive public perception, signpost careers, encourage and showcase collaborative industry work, engage the media and establish two-way communications between young people and the industry.”


The website is the next phase of The Perceptions Group’s Pub & Bar Careers campaign to highlight the wide range of opportunities available in the industry.

The site is designed to provide a central bank of information, advice and careers, showcasing contributions from across the sector. It is an inclusive and independent tool to encourage new talent into the pub and bar industry.

Pub & Bar Careers has been widely supported throughout the industry, with collaboration from the ALMR, BII and BBPA, as well as major pub and bar operators and suppliers working together to show the public the industries prospects.

The BBPA estimates an additional 843,000 jobs will be created by 2020 in pub kitchens yet the lowest numbers of applications are received per role, despite the opportunities available.

The campaign has worked with young people and the industry, facilitating collaborations with educational bodies, such and UCAS, and strengthening relations with government over the next 12 months.

Jackson added: “We are looking to get the whole industry involved. Visit the website, support our campaigns and work with us to make this a success. This is a collaboration and we want to hear from you.”

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