Are you ready for Try January?

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Are you ready for Try January?

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The Publican’s Morning Advertiser is set to relaunch its Try January campaign encouraging pubs and bars to reclaim January and challenge people to try new drinks and dishes and make the month more inspiring and experimental.

Through Try January,​ which approaches its second year, the PMA unites the industry with a call to action and suggests that, rather than selling certain drinks and dishes as ‘Specials’ the trade could make January a month for discovering new food and drink.

Lots of people abstain from drink completely during January through Alcohol Concern’s Dry January campaign, but this can often lead to a reduced amount of people supporting their local.

The Try January​ campaign aims to harness the New Year’s resolution mindset amidst an otherwise dreary month and transform it into something fun.

The initiative was pioneered by cocktail bar group Be At One when it began a Try January​ campaign for January 2015 to encourage guests to try new cocktails in its bars using its ‘Be Appventurous’ feature on the Be At One smartphone app.

The Publican’s Morning Advertiser​ drinks and content editor Jessica Mason said: “January used to be a positive month where people made resolutions for the year ahead and yet these days they seem to have forgotten about that, which is a shame. Over the years, abstain campaigns have encouraged people to think that the only way to be a better version of themselves is to give something up. I applaud the virtue of people changing something about themselves for the better as well as the charitable benefits of supporting various good causes, but I can also see how a lot of the time this has also resulted in many people staying indoors rather than putting themselves in social situations.

"These campaigns have hurt the hospitality industry immeasurably. Even though that has not been their aim, people simply find it easier to shut themselves away to maintain temperance. The darkness and the weather around January really emphasise a feeling of depression too. I don’t think any of this is a good for mental or physical wellbeing seeing as so many people admit to hitting things hard once the month is over.”

"The Try January ​campaign aims to challenge people to simply try something new at their local. To step out of their comfort zone and, rather than ordering their ‘usual’ to go for something that they haven’t tried before. I think that, collectively, we can make January a month for discovering new favourite drinks and dishes and I know that the British hospitality industry has a lot to offer its customers who are willing to challenge their taste buds.

"It doesn’t have to mean every night and it doesn’t have to mean just alcoholic drinks. It could be food too. I just think there is an opportunity here for everyone to expand their repertoire and for the trade to begin listing some interesting options. If pubs want to add a charity element to those food and drink options on a venue-by venue basis, then that should be down to them. ”

The campaign would help prevent thousands of pubs and bars across the country seeing in the New Year with low takings during January and also give something back to its community by inspiring its visitors with delicious Try January​ options.

Join the campaign

If your venue plans to back the Try January​ campaign, then we would like to feature you.

Email or call on 01293 610 388.

Pubs, bars and customers can tweet and Instagram images of their ‘Try January’ choices with the hashtag #TryJanuary and the PMA will retweet, alternatively they can post a message on the PMA Facebook page.

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