Which fridges and freezers for your kitchen?

By Nicholas Robinson

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Fridges and freezers for pubs

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No pub chef could successfully run an efficient kitchen without fully working fridges and freezers. While they may not be the sexiest pieces of equipment, they’re definitely some of the most important. Nicholas Robinson points out some of the best currently available on the market

Polar Blast Chiller Shock Freezer

Polar Blast

This is a robust stainless steel unit that can hold up to 140 litres of food and has a self-closing door to prevent energy wastage and food spoilage. The Polar Blast Chiller is being marketed towards busy commercial kitchens and can chill up to 12kg of food from +70°C to +3°C in 90 minutes and can freeze 8kg of food from +70°C to -18°C in four hours.
Stockist: www.polar-refrigerator.com

Precision 602 series


Pub chefs with smaller kitchens can take advantage of Precision’s 602 range of shallow-shelf fridges. The latest fridges measure 800mm long x 650mm deep, with the door mounted on the wider edge to save on space. There is 600 litres of storage and the shelves are easily removed for easy cleaning. The units can operate in temperatures of up to +43°C.
Stockist: www.precision-refrigeration.co.uk

Carpigiani XVL 1 Counter Top

Carpigiani - XVL 1

Not a fridge or freezer, but an ice cream maker that will free up your sub-zero storage space from boxed ice cream.
The XVL 1 is the smallest ice cream machine in the Carpigiani’s range yet can produce 310 x 75g portions of ice cream an hour. Desserts can be produced straight from the machine, which means chefs can create new ice cream flavours as often as they like. As a result of its dry-filling system, which means a prepared powdered mix can be added to the machine’s hopper with water, the machine does not have to be cleaned so often. A touch-panel screen is one of the XVL 1’s main focal points and features easy-to-follow instructions.
Stockist: www.carpigiani.co.uk

Williams salad counter

Williams prep

Bringing bagged salad in and out of the fridge not only wastes energy, but also causes fresh produce to deteriorate quickly as a result of changes in temperature. Williams’ salad units, which come in various sizes, maintain salads and other produce able to be stored in smaller spaces at the correct temperatures in environments of up to +43°C.
An integrated chopping area also allows chefs to double the unit up as a preparation space and finishing area for ambient dishes.
Stockist: www.williams-refrigeration.co.uk

Williams chilled prep unit

Williams counters

Keeping chilled produce close at hand during preparation time is a must in busy kitchens. Williams’ range of chilled counters come in various sizes and are made with doors, drawers or both.
The counters’ temperatures can also be adjusted to cater for meat, fish and vegetables. They are also capable of working in temperatures of up to +43°C.
Stockist: www.williams-refrigeration.co.uk

Monika temperature monitoring

Monika Range Shot (Mid)

Monika’s PathFinder system, which uses a wireless network to link temperature monitoring sensors placed around the kitchen and in chilling appliances, allows pub chefs and kitchen managers to constantly monitor temperatures and spot fridge and freezer failures.
It’s a paper-free digital system that helps chefs stay within food safety law, according to the manufacturer.
Stockist: www.monika.com

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Walk-in fridges and freezers from Viessmann

Viessmann 1

Not all chefs have the luxury of space for cold rooms or walk-in freezers, but Viessmann has solutions for those with even minimal space.
The company plans, designs and supplies everything for cold rooms or walk-in freezers including floors, the chilling system and the door. Viessmann can even create compact units that comprise both a cold room and a walk-in freezer.
The cooling units in the range have chilling capacities that vary from 634W to 3020W and can be controlled with either electronic or thermostatic systems.
Stockist: www.viessmann-refrigeration.com/en

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