Chef sacked for 'feeding vegans animal products' taunt

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Chef sacked for 'feeding vegans animal products' taunt

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A chef has been sacked for taunting vegans with boasts about secretly adding animal products to meals.

Head chef at the Littleover Lodge in Derby, Alex Lambert, was fired after vegans campaigned to have him removed.

The venue was forced to relieve him of his role after its reputation was taking a hammering on review websites, despite the chef’s claim he was simply poking fun at vegans, and his comments made on Instagram were fabricated.

'Feeding vegans animal products'

Lambert was involved in an online spat with a vegan, who he told to “find a better way to spend your time, my personal favourite is feeding vegans animal products and them not knowing”.

He was originally suspended and the venue stressed animals products had not been used in any vegan cooking.

But the hotel followed that with the statement: “We have investigated all accusations against Mr Lambert and found no evidence suggesting that any of these practices have taken place within this hotel."

Employment terminated

The statement also read: “However, due to the comments made by Mr Lambert regarding specific dietary requirements the company has decided to terminate his employment, which has been done forthwith.”

The outraged vegan who commented on Lambert’s Instagram account, it seems, got her wish, after responding to the chef: "Hope you get caught one day, would love to see that. I know we’re a minority and really don’t give a s*** because that has no relevance. Enjoy the heart disease :)."

'Avoid at all costs'

Angry Instagram users posted their comments on the social media platform as well.

Rosie Wilder said: “It is in writing that your head chef is purposely feeding vegans non-vegan food. If the head chef remains, I will never attend this establishment and will warn all my family/friends/vegan groups to avoid at all costs.”

Abigail Elizabeth Suter said: “People have a right to know what goes into their food. If I asked for a vegan dish and was told that is what I'd get then I'd expect a vegan dish. Not something where the chef has been sneaking animal products into it for a laugh.”

Additionally, Rachel Hill said: “He should not be allowed to work with food again. He clearly cannot be trusted! This is very, very serious, I hope he realises just how dangerous his behaviour has been. The trust that we put into restaurants and chefs as paying customers has been completely abused.”

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