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Mulholland responds to BT Sport's 'The Quiet Pub Guide' letter

By Nikkie Sutton

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Response: BT Sport has apologised to pubs
Response: BT Sport has apologised to pubs

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The British Pub Confederation (BPC) and Save the Pub group chairman Greg Mulholland has written to Delia Bushell, managing director of BT TV and Sport, to complain about the ‘Quiet Pub Guide’ letter that has gone out to pubs nationwide.

Mulholland has also called for a public apology and for the marketing agency of BT Sport to be sacked on Twitter.

BT Sport has apologised to the licensees who have received the letter that explains that their pub has been specially selected for ‘The Quiet Pub Guide 2016’.

The tongue-in-cheek letter outlines the “benefits” of featuring in the guide including lower wages due to a quieter pub, fewer barrel changes because fewer pints are being sold, utility bills lowered and less trips to the cash and carry.

BT Sport has issued an apology to these licensees and have said: “The direct mail was intended as a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign highlighting how sport can make a difference to some pubs by bringing customers together through a shared love of sport. 

“Many pubs are successful without the need for televised sport, and we apologise to anyone who has been offended by the letter.”

The letter begins by congratulating the recipient of the letter on their pub being entered into The Quiet Pub Guide 2016-17.

It also said the common theme the pubs who have been chosen have is “they offer the discerning drinker the chance to indulge in the pleasure of a pint or glass of wine in utter peace and quiet”.

Mulholland said that considering the hard work licensees do, sending a letter that “basically accuses them of being bad at their job and poor business people for not subscribing to their product is insulting”.

He added: “Given the challenges that many pubs are facing and in the case of pubs tied to the large pubcos, low margins, sending such a letter mocking a pub as failing is offensive and I hope that BT Sport will admit that this was a huge mistake and apologise to the pubs it has sent this crass and insensitive letter to.” 

Users of Twitter have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the Quiet Pub Guide:

Have you received the letter? Contact us here​.

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