Hangover Cures

Top 10 strangest hangover cures from around the world

By Sara Hussein

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Hangover cures: some tips from drinkers around the world
Hangover cures: some tips from drinkers around the world

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This week, Ebookers has put together 100 Hangover Cures from Around the World. While this couldn’t be a more perfect time to discover alternative methods to soothe that dreaded hangover, we found some remedies that might seem a little unusual. 

Feast your eyes on some delightful cures below.  

1. Deep-fried canary 

Once used by the ancient Romans, this cure is meant to boost blood sugar levels and fatty acids in the body. Works wonders after a messy night out. 

Deep-Fried-Canary (1)

2. Green ant tea

Boiled green ant abdomen, said to taste like lime, can be a refreshing shock to the system, according to the indigenous Australians. 

Green-Ant-Tea (1)

3. Lemon on Armpit 

Puerto Ricans believe that, to prevent dehydration, rubbing lemons under one’s armpit before a heavy drinking session can reduce the effects of harsh hangover. 

4. Vodka Socks 

In Estonia, after a boozy night, soaking socks in hot water and vodka along with a nice cup of tea, is said to release alcohol from the body through sweat. Nice.

Vodka-Socks (1)

5. Tape on the Forehead 

Placing a tape on your forehead covering the acupuncture points — found between the eyebrows — is said to relieve a hangover headache. 

Tape-on-Forehead (1)

6. Shot glass olive oil 

In Russia it is believed that downing a shot of olive oil can delay the alcohol from being absorbed by the body and alleviate a hangover the next day. 

7. Kater salad 

How about a nice salad of pickled herring, yoghurt, onions, bell peppers and paprika as a lovely, wholesome, breakfast?

8. Pickled sheep's eye in tomato juice 

Nothing says good morning like a glass of pickled sheep eye floating around in red thick liquid in Mongolia.


9. Necklace of Chameadaphne Leaves 

Good enough for the ancient Egyptians, utterly useless to modern man. 

10. Abstinence


You can view the full list here​. 

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