New invention seeks to stop wastage of millions of pints of beer

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Discreet: the device fits on existing taps and reduces beer spillage
Discreet: the device fits on existing taps and reduces beer spillage

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A Bristol-based inventor has created a new device to increase sustainability within the beer industry by reducing wastage when pulling pints.

AleTrim is a unique nozzle that fits on the end of any beer tap to control frothing and help deliver a perfect pint without spillage.

The device works using the science of laminar flow to reduce the amount of turbulence in the beer when it comes out of a tap or hand pump, thereby reducing waste and increasing yield on keg and cask beer.

“Normally when a liquid comes out of a faucet on the end of a beer tap it is disruptive or turbulent,” the device’s inventor, Oliver Browne-Wilkinson, told The Morning Advertiser​ (MA​).

“What we do is we have a retro-fit nozzle that fits on and takes the turbulent liquid and makes it very smooth. The beer comes out into the glass very smoothly and stops fobbing."

Wastage is 'mind-bogglingly large'

He continued: “The wastage levels in beer are mind-bogglingly large. They don't seem that high as a percentage, but then when you multiply them over the amount of beer sold, it is a staggeringly large amount.”

AleTrim, which is produced and manufactured in the UK by StableBarn Ltd, differs from regular pub taps, which disrupt the gas and diminish the character of the beer. Instead, the device creates micro-bubbles, which take longer to merge with each other before bursting.

“This maintains a stable head and preserves the original freshness of the beer, which in turn complements the body and linger,” Browne-Wilkinson added.

After successful field trials at bars in London and Bristol, AleTrim is now patented and available to rent in the UK, or to buy for export markets.

Sustainability is key

Browne-Wilkinson told MA ​that sustainability was a key factor behind the decision to make the devices available for rent in the UK.

“We're trying to rent them because what that means is that we don't have to give away the responsibility for the product,” he said. “It remains our responsibility during its life and we will resolve any problems publicans may have.

“We will also dispose of the product responsibly to make sure its impact on the environment is as low as we can possibly make it. Waste is pointless isn't it?”

As well as reducing waste from each keg to less than 1%, AleTrim claims to be able to dispense the perfect pint in less than five seconds at the correct pressure.

An interactive tool on the AleTrim website can help landlords and business owners calculate how much money they could save by installing the device on their taps.

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