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Quick plonk: efficiency and cost savings (pictured: co-founder George Workman)
Quick plonk: efficiency and cost savings (pictured: co-founder George Workman)
Draught wine could be as big in the UK as it is in the States, according to the co-founders of Love Wine on Tap, but the current stigma surrounding it needs to be broken down.

Wine on tap has suffered a bad reputation as a result of some low-priced pub chains stocking poor quality products, claims the co-founder of recently-launched draught wine business Love Wine on Tap.

Sales of wine on tap in the US have grown significantly, through the pursuit of stocking high-quality products, with customers seeing the freshness benefits and the cost savings too.

The online wine delivery firm, which was founded by the brains behind draught sparkling wine and cocktail solutions firm Frizzenti, has claimed draught wine is cheaper and more efficient than bottled.

20% cheaper

Along with savings on bottle shipping, recycling and reduced wastage, there are soft savings to be made, such as reduced time in pouring, said co-founder and MD George Workman.

Draught wine can be 20% cheaper than bottled, he told The Morning Advertiser ​during a special tutorial of the products and equipment at the magazine’s office this month.

The system that can be bought from Love Wine on Tap – which supplies wine in 20l kegs through its next-day delivery website – chills and pours the wine in a similar way to other draught keg liquids.

“Each keg has a plastic outer and the wine is protected from light by an aluminium foil bag,” explained Workman.

“Compressed air stops oxygen from spoiling the wine, which means a keg lasts four weeks once [broached] compared with a bottle of wine that lasts two-to–three days once opened.”

Several hospitality chains

Love Wine on Tap is already trading in several hospitality chains and independent sites, with plans already in place to grow further, according to Workman.

Currently the company is set to sell between 7,000 and 8,000 20l kegs annually, but is set to increase this number significantly, he added.

“I would be surprised if we didn’t grow the business by at least five times in the coming years to around 50,000 kegs a year easy,” said Workman.

Love Wine on Tap supplies the equipment to its customers, as well as maintenance and repairs. The systems can be bought outright or as part of a volume agreement contract.

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