Spirits writer to crowdfund new whisky documentary

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Distillation: the documentary will explore the untold story of whisky and Scottish culture
Distillation: the documentary will explore the untold story of whisky and Scottish culture
Glaswegian writer Dave Broom is aiming to raise £40,000 in crowdfunding for a new documentary highlighting the lesser known parts of Scottish culture through whisky.

Broom has teamed up with online food & drink magazine The Gannet​ and London-based video agency blueprint.tv to produce the documentary, which will air in January 2019.

So far, more than 50 backers have pledged a total in excess of £17,000 via the Kickstarter website to contribute towards a substantial part of the cost of filming a road trip documentary, which will explore the untold story of whisky and Scottish culture.

Called The Amber Light​, the documentary will highlight the lesser known parts of Scottish culture and history through the lens of whisky, with personalities from art, music, literature and food.

Key innovators interviewed

Broom, who has been writing about spirits for 25 years, will travel the length and breadth of Scotland talking to key innovators and thinkers in the whisky world – farmers, distillers, bar owners and historians – as well as people less directly involved: musicians, artists and writers.

Among the film’s contributors will be Scottish crime writer Ian Rankin, who will talk about the “darkness in the Scottish soul”.

The film will also explore the unsung role of women in distilling and blending over the centuries, the influence of alchemists, medicine men and botanists, and the evolution of spirits from medicine to social lubricants.

The documentary will also look at the temperance movement, smugglers and the use of unexpected ingredients in whisky’s development, such as saffron.

A 'greater and wider story'

Broom said: “We will be talking about whisky’s dark side as well as whisky’s light side, and talking about the completely forgotten role that women have always played in distillation and whisky-making.

“We’ll also be trying to redress some of the balances and some of the misconceptions as well that I think have sprung up around whisky – it’s not all about tartan and shortbread.”

Adam Park, co-founder of blueprint.tv and documentary director, added: “This is a hugely exciting project with the world’s foremost expert on whisky. We realised there’s a much greater and weirder story to tell about whisky and the culture that’s built up over the centuries. Music and storytelling will be key components.

“All those who pledge money, from as little as £25 for the documentary, will receive various rewards. It’s full steam ahead. We’ve already assembled an incredibly talented and dedicated team, both on screen and off.”

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