Legal top tips: Preparing for the FIFA World Cup kick-off

By Poppleston Allen

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Noise factor: Be wary of disturbing your neighbours
Noise factor: Be wary of disturbing your neighbours
Specialist licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen's top tips for making the most of the World Cup this summer.

All games are shown between 11am and 8pm (UK times) and, therefore, will all sit conveniently within normal licensing hours.

All games are shown on either BBC or ITV and, being terrestrial television, other than a TV Licence, no permission will be required to show the games. The showing of live television is not a licensable activity.

Check the conditions on your premises licence, because there may be a condition restricting children from being in the premises after a specific time. If there is, then either a permanent variation would be needed, or you would need to issue a temporary event notice for that game so the condition did not apply during it, although it would always be open to the police to request the condition be reimposed.

Remember the law is that children under the age of 16 cannot be in premises where alcohol is the main sales driver, unless they are accompanied by an adult.

If you are thinking of showing the football outside and using an outside bar, you will need to ensure the beer garden where the bar is to be placed is licensed for the sale of alcohol. Again, this can either be done by a variation to your premises licence or, alternatively, by issuing a temporary event notice.

There is nothing to stop you showing the games on screens outdoors, but do be conscious of any conditions which may be attached to a premises licence limiting the number of people in any outside area, or restricting the time an area can be used, although most of the games should have finished before any curfew on your beer garden.

Carry out a risk assessment, in particular for the England games, and consider such things as whether children should be in your premises, should door staff be used, should you operationally (aside from the fire risk assessment) be limiting the number of people in your premises, should you use plastic glassware and bottles, particularly in outside areas and, if using outside areas, what is the likelihood of disturbance to your neighbours?

It is sensible to notify your local police licensing officer at the earliest opportunity what your plans are for the World Cup, so they are aware of your intentions.

You never know, it is also worth planning ahead for future games, just in case England do progress past the group stages, by considering all of the above points for the last 16, quarter finals, semi-final and final against Germany when we win on penalties!

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