Chicken or beef: top Sunday roast meat revealed

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Diners' favourites: where does chicken fit in a list of the most popular Sunday roasts?
Diners' favourites: where does chicken fit in a list of the most popular Sunday roasts?

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The perfect Sunday roast is beef with plenty of roast potatoes and gallons of gravy, research from YouGov has revealed.

Yes, beef came out on top over chicken, lamb, pork or a vegetarian option, according to YouGov’s poll of consumer preferences.

In total, 33% of those asked preferred the red meat, 27% chicken, 20% lamb, 8% a vegetarian option and 6% pork.

More men preferred beef on their Sunday roast than women did – 37% of men compared to 29% of women – and those above the age of 65 were bigger fans of the meat than younger consumers (see chart below).

The roast potato

When it comes to sides, the only vegetable option Brits can’t seem to live without is the roast potato, which got the vote of 89% of those asked.

Gravy came in at a close second, with 76% of those asked saying a splash of jus was an essential part of their Sunday roast.

Most popular meat on a roast

Next, 69% of Brits said they would happily gobble up a Sunday roast if Yorkshire puddings were served on the side.

Parsnips, boiled broccoli, peas, boiled carrots and stuffing all received between 49% and 43% of votes, while Brussels sprouts, roast carrots, pigs in blankets, mashed potatoes, boiled cauliflower, cauliflower cheese and green beans received between 32% and 29% of the votes.

Less essential sides

Less essential sides, garnering between 23% and 2% of votes, were mashed swede, mint sauce, boiled cabbage, horseradish sauce, cranberry sauce, boiled potatoes, apple sauce, mustard, mashed turnip, bread sauce and boiled parsnips.

However, these figures varied between age and gender groups, with more women opting for vegetables than men especially when it comes to broccoli, with 38% of men going for the green stuff compared with 51% of women.

Pigs in blankets, meanwhile, are an area of contention between age groups, according to the report which said: “The younger Britons are the more likely sausages wrapped in bacon are to feature in their ideal Sunday dinner, with 52% of 18 to 24-year-olds wanting them compared to only 12% of 65+-year-olds.

“Young people are also much more likely to prefer stuffing (59% vs 27%) and boiled broccoli (56% vs 35%).”

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