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Font of knowledge: Heineken claims its new Strongbow dual font can help boost cider sales
Font of knowledge: Heineken claims its new Strongbow dual font can help boost cider sales
Strongbow is rolling out its new dual font to pubs and bars nationwide – claiming it could boost cider sales by 44%.

Operators who currently stock both Strongbow Original and Strongbow Dark Fruit together, can now “reap the benefits” of stocking the UK’s best-selling ciders in a brand new, high-impact and eye-catching single font.

The launch of the font accompanies the debut of Strongbow’s first TV advert for the family of ciders, which it claims puts the focus firmly on the great British pub and celebrating local heroes, up and down the country.

At a time when competition for space on the bar is increasing, and with stand-alone fonts gaining 20% more consideration over the standard T-bar, Strongbow’s dual font was designed to stand out from the crowd.

Sales boost

Recent research, carried out by Heineken, has shown that pubs and bars stocking Strongbow Dark Fruit alongside one another, will see a whopping 44% sale increase​.

Heineken category and trade marketing director Jerry Shedden backed up these claims and shared the importance of stocking the font.

“With the new Strongbow dual font, we simply wanted to bring together the UK’s two best-selling cider brands into one, stand-out font on the bar,” he explained.

“We know that stocking Strongbow Original and Dark Fruit together has a dramatic uplift on rate of sale for operators, so combining the two stand-out fonts means a win-win for you and your customers.”

The flavoured cider market has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, driven in large part by Strongbow Dark fruit – which now accounts for one in four pints of cider poured in all UK pubs and bars.

Instant impact 

The brand claims its iconic archer’s bow shape, LED lights and gold and purple colours, synonymous with Strongbow Original and Strongbow Dark Fruit respectively, combine to provide a real presence on the bar, attracting drinkers’ attention.

Ian Hood, owner of Corn Exchange Sports Bar in Derby, describes the positive impact the font has had on his business.

“Since installing the font three months ago, we’ve noticed a considerable uplift in sales and are selling an additional 40 to 50 pints of Strongbow every week,” he boasted.

“It’s fantastic and has been a real talking point with customers and is a true showpiece on the bar.”

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