Deliveroo predicts 2020 food trends

By Nikkie Thatcher

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Looking ahead: veganism remains a popular trend
Looking ahead: veganism remains a popular trend

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Food experts at Deliveroo have revealed their predictions for the top 10 trends next year, including the continuation of veganism, smoked ingredients and street food.

The delivery company reported vegan orders had risen by 330% over the past two years. The number of sales catering for vegan on Deliveroo has soared by 168% and the company isn’t expecting that to slow down any time soon.

Data also showed a large group of customers are more frequently opting for a part-time vegan diet with about half of their food consumption being meat and the other half being plant-based. The most popular days of the week to eat vegan in the UK are Mondays and Wednesdays, according to Deliveroo.

Brits are also eating at up to six different meal times as well as ordering mid-sized portions and snacks to keep fuelled during the day.

Snacking increases by 74% during the winter months, Wednesday is the day when Brits snack the most, followed by Thursday. Meanwhile on Monday, customers are more likely to have the traditional three meals a day.

The delivery business also said one of the oldest and most primitive methods of cooking is making a comeback.

It explained the ‘char’ flavour has been trending for the past few months, with its smokiness and woody depth heightening the natural taste of the ingredients it coats.

Over the past few months, there has been growing popularity for dishes cooked on fire – driven by the surge of London restaurants using open fires in their cooking.

Street food trend

Meanwhile, street food is consumed by 2.5bn people each day worldwide, according to Deliveroo. And it is orders of Indian, Thai and Greek options proving most popular.

In November last year, Saturday was the most popular day when it came to ordering street food deliveries but now Tuesday and Thursday lunch times are also peak.

Trend spotters at Deliveroo also highlighted salad as something to watch out for. While salads are nothing new, it claimed there is a new wave that are so much more than leaves with ferments, unusual grains, nut butters, and dehydrated vegetables being expected to be seen in salads next year.

Deliveroo data also suggested customers ordering food this month (November), were three times more likely to order salad than this time last year.

Another trend that is current and appears to be staying is the rise of ‘Instagrammable’ food. The research from Deliveroo said milkshakes, burgers, doughnuts, sushi and chips were the five dishes people were most likely to photograph and share online.

While not strictly food, the trends experts did mention low-and-no alcohol drinks as something that will continue to grow in popularity in 2020.

It reported a 240% rise in orders of alcohol-free beers during the past 12 months with London, Bristol and Edinburgh being the cities with the most no-and-low alcohol drinkers.

Going back to solid substances, fresh pasta has seen a huge consumer demand with dining in and through food delivery.

Pasta resurgence

Searches for ‘fresh pasta’ on Deliveroo have risen by more than half (68%) in the past three months and the company sees that number steadily increasing throughout 2020.

Theatrical elements have been on the rise over the past few years and Deliveroo said Generation Z in particular is all about experiences as they would rather spend £100 on an exciting evening at a show-stopping restaurant rather than buying an expensive item of clothing.

Research from the delivery service found 88% of Brits find ambience and service just as important as food when it comes to having a good experience.

It also found almost thee quarters (71%) would only share where they were eating on social media if they liked the surroundings meaning operators need to provide unique touches and a visual experience for diners now, more than ever.

The last trend identified was 2020 being the year of balance. A lot of trends outlined by Deliveroo’s food experts fall into this category as consumers are breaking habits, experimenting with new lifestyles and trying new food options in an attempt to live more happily, more responsibly and more sustainably.

For consumers in 2020, being sustainable requires balance, according to Deliveroo. A balance of diet, replacing meat dishes with plant-based meals. While consumers aren’t avoiding burgers and pizzas, they are enjoying more salads or plant-based alternatives.

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