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Cleanliness key in fight against coronavirus

By Ed Bedington

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Hygiene help: which products are available for pubs to support licensees in opening and running their businesses safely?
Hygiene help: which products are available for pubs to support licensees in opening and running their businesses safely?

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Hygiene standards have proven to be a key weapon in the battle against the coronavirus, and with pubs gearing up to open at the end of the latest lockdown, they will continue to play a vital role.

Standards have always been high across the UK pub and bar sector, but with the added restrictions placed by the Covid situation, hygiene is at the forefront of all consumers minds when going out to eat and drink.

Sanitation is key for businesses looking to reassure and attract customers through the doors once again when the industry is allowed to reopen on 2 December.

As a result, the hygiene sector has stepped up to the challenge presented by the crisis, and innovation and new product development has seen a wide range of products launched onto the market to help operators maintain standards and reassure customers.

The Morning Advertiser (MA)​ presents a selection of just some of the products now on the market to help operators open and run their businesses safely.



PORTiBAC, a new state of the art, medical grade disinfection ‘fogging system’ is launching this month to offer the hospitality and travel industries a safe environment for staff and customers and to return consumer confidence to these struggling industries.

The new normal of ‘living with Covid’ in hospitality and travel has demanded new practices that hadn’t previously been undertaken. One such innovation that has been thrown into the spotlight is the practice of ‘fogging’ or spraying large areas, to help eradicate 99.999% of viruses which could be living on a surface.

The PORTiBAC spray systems use a unique sanitising solution, made in the UK to British Safety Standards, that is alcohol-free and contains no chlorides or ammonium salts, ensuring it is safe to use in all environments. The viricidal solution is bactericidal and effective against common harmful pathogenic bacteria including SARS-CoV-2 e. Coli and Covod-19 to 99.999%.  

Mike Cohen, founder of The HANDiGROUP.com, which makes PORTiBAC, said: “Visible, effective sanitisation is vital during the economy’s recovery phase, and methods of fogging or spray sanitisation are essential to make all environments safer. Disinfection fogging is a method of application that rivals the conventional application of other cleaning chemicals. 

“Where annual disinfection and sanitisation may miss hard to reach areas, ‘fogging’ ensures that the micro droplets of disinfectant are dispensed to cover all surfaces, penetrate cracks and crevices and high level objects”. PORTiBAC can reach the areas that other sanitising equipment cannot reach.

PORTiBAC Spray Systems are easy to use by existing personnel - full training can be given, or there is the option to call in  PORTiBAC’S sanitising squad who can undertake the task of fogging for you. 

For more information, visit: PORTiBAC.com​ 



Commercial warewashers are notorious for spreading germs if they are not maintained and cleaned properly. Lack of training and support for cleaning operatives will also have a significant impact on hygiene standards in any commercial catering/pub operation. Crystaltech, the largest independent company for the installation and servicing of all makes of commercial glass and dishwashers, is the UK’s leading expert in achieving perfect wash results within the foodservice industry. 

Commercial washers can be the main source of cross contamination within the catering environment, if the right combination of chemicals and temperature is not achieved. In the wake of Covid-19 there is now a move towards using chlorine based detergents that greatly improve disinfection. Using a chlorine-based wash chemical is a more effective cleaning agent as it acts as a disinfectant and enables machines to clean effectively at lower temperatures.

The chlorine in dishwashing chemicals is in the form of sodium hypochlorite which is bleach and there are two types available for commercial dishwashing;

  • Chlorinated alkaline detergents are suitable for most dishwashing tasks as they remove starches and grease.
  • Chlorine only detergents are most suitable for removing protein and tannin. 

Chlorine based detergents also offer potential for energy saving as it is the wash process that kills the bacteria and therefore the rinse water does not need to be at as high a temperature. Rather than setting the temperature for 80/85°C it can be lowered to 60/65°C.

The wash temperature can also be reduced slightly, typically from 55°C to 45°C.

Crystaltech is also currently leading the way in providing safe services to its clients by implementing a rigorous monthly testing scheme for its entire nationwide engineer workforce. 

For more details visit www.crystaltech.co.uk​, call 0370 350 2424, or email vasb@pelfgnygrpu.pb.hx


Nelson's Supernova range has products for most eventualities - including individual  foam dispensers

Pubs and bars now need to work harder than ever to reassure customers that every effort has been made to keep them safe during the current pandemic.

To help address their needs, Nelson launched its highly efficient Supernova range earlier this year. In March, this alcohol-free sanitiser underwent rigorous independent testing and gained certification to prove it kills the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for Covid-19, within just 60 seconds and will remain effective for very long periods thereafter – up to 2 hours on hands and 2 weeks on surfaces.

Unlike alcohol-based sanitisers which evaporate immediately after killing germs, Nelson’s Supernova sanitiser range eradicates germs on both skin and surfaces within one to two minutes after which a residual film will continue to kill newly introduced germs over a lengthy period.

The wide choice of products within the range includes surface sprays and refills, foams, wipes and a variety of wall and floor mounted dispensers thus enabling a bespoke sanitising system to be created. Supernova is designed to be safe to use on hands and on work surfaces. It will not adversely affect rubbers, plastics or metals unlike alcohol-based products which often damage these materials after prolonged use.

  • Carries independent certification to prove it’s effective against SARS-CoV-2
  • Active for up to two hours on hands and two weeks on surfaces
  • Kills virtually all bacteria, viruses and fungi including C.difficile and Norovirus
  • Gentle on skin
  • Won’t damage surface – even after regular use
  • Non flammable
  • Free copy of Supernova’s SARS-CoV-2 certificate for customer reassurance
  • Extra 10% off Supernova web prices for MA readers. Simply quote nova10 at checkout

For more information, visit: https://nelsonwashonline.co.uk/collections/sanitising-products

The content about each brand was provided by the suppliers as part of a sponsored feature curated by The Morning Advertiser. ​​

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