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The UK's favourite cocktails made easy with Funkin Pre-batch products

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Ideal for operators: Funkin Pre-batch cocktails are quick to make and offer a great revenue stream
Ideal for operators: Funkin Pre-batch cocktails are quick to make and offer a great revenue stream

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As the UK returns to its pubs, it seems drinkers are increasingly expecting a wider drinks offering, looking for cocktails they know and love to be on the menu.

After months of wine and beer at home, consumers’ thirst for cocktails has increased dramatically; in the first 12 weeks after lockdown in 2021, the sales performance of cocktails was up 75% on the same period in 2019, far out-performing other categories[1]​. Distribution of cocktails has grown outside traditional bars as drinkers flock back to their locals, looking for increasingly different options with 59% ‘expecting’ their local to serve a cocktail selection[2]​.

Introducing cocktails to your venue might seem like a costly and lengthy decision, however. How do you do it without investing heavily in cocktail making equipment, keeping a large variety of ingredients well-stocked and training staff in an extensive cocktail menu? It can be a huge task, but the Funkin Pre-batch cocktail range is a simple and efficient solution.


Cocktails in under 15 seconds

The range offers a great way for pubs to streamline their cocktail service and be able to create the UK’s favourite cocktails in under 15 seconds with just three steps. Simply shake the spirit and Funkin Pre-batch product with ice and serve a perfectly blended cocktail every time. Even without cocktail glassware or a shaker, pubs can still create a bartender-quality cocktail by adding a spirit, the Funkin Pre-batch range, topped with soda or lemonade in a tall glass with ice. The range is designed to give that wow factor with minimal effort or investment.

It can be hard to know where to start when building up your cocktail menu when specialised bars seem to offer an endless selection. However, research shows the top ten cocktails featured in the Funkin Pre-batch range account for 73% of all cocktail sales in the UK[2]​ so you can ensure you are offering a manageable menu that will be a hit with customers. These well-known cocktails are a great place to start: best-sellers include Pornstar Martinis, Mojitos and Daiquiris.

Increased margin opportunities

And what about the bottom line? Cocktails offer increased margin opportunities versus other categories where it can be harder to make as much profit so they can be a great opportunity for growth at a venue. Once mixed with spirits, the Funkin Pre-batch range has an average cost per cocktail of just £1.50, meaning there’s plenty of room to capitalise when creating your cocktail menu, especially as the average a consumer would expect to pay for a cocktail in a pub is £7.65[2]​.

Just how beneficial introducing cocktails can be is something the Bull pub in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, found once it started using the Funkin Pre-batch range. “Starting to serve cocktails was really daunting at first because we’d never done it, but the Funkin products are simple to use, most are two ingredients, and now the staff really enjoy making them,” says Jasmine Spruce, assistant manager. “We started off by selling two cocktails but have increased our range due to high demand and now have a full menu that is a hit with customers. It’s definitely improved our margins – I’d highly recommend the Funkin Pre-batch range as a way to easily introduce cocktails to your venue.”

Contact your wholesaler or get in touch with vasb@shaxva.pb.hx​ for more information.

[1]​ CGA Drinks Recovery Tracker (week 12-18 April 2021)

[2]​ CGA Mixed Drinks Report 2021

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