The first drinks launches of 2022

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New launches: a number of drinks products have recently been unveiled
New launches: a number of drinks products have recently been unveiled

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The first few days of 2022 have seen a variety of new drinks launched including beer, wine and spirits.

Adnams launches strong gin Smidgin for low-strength serve

Suffolk-based sustainable distillery Adnams has launched a high-strength gin called Smidgin, which the company said is ideal for a low-strength serve.

The 50% ABV spirit is hand-crafted, dry and been distilled with ten times the botanicals for a big flavour, meaning gin lovers only need a ‘Smidgin’, according to Adnams. Available in 20cl bottles priced at £26 each, the “petite” bottle comes with a 2.5ml copper spoon that is claimed “to create the perfect measure for a great-tasting but low-alcohol G&T”.

Adnams said: “As a true gin, Smidgin has the same shelf-life as a regular spirit, with no storage issues or short shelf-life after opening. This, coupled with 80 servings in each 200ml bottle, which is lighter to transport and more sustainable, means Smidgin is long-lasting in more ways than one.”

Smidgin is made from grain to glass using a distillery wash of 100% East Anglian malted barley, distilled into vodka, then redistilled in the same way as all Adnams gins, but claims to be with “an increased intensity”.

The gin has six ingredients: of juniper, sweet orange peel, hibiscus flower, coriander seed, cardamom pods and orris root. Adnams added the juniper-forward gin is “full of fruity and floral characteristics” with the “citrus notes in juniper bolstered by zesty peels and balanced by the sweet, flowery notes of cardamom and the light spice of coriander seeds”. And said “underlying hints of hibiscus lift these characteristics and give a refreshingly soft floral finish”.

It is suggested that a spoonful (2.5ml) of Smidgin with tonic water (200ml) over ice and a twist of orange zest gives the ideal gin & tonic.

Adnams head distiller John McCarthy said: “The number of botanicals in the gin means that the quality and flavour is uncompromised in this low-strength serve – something our customers are always on the lookout for. The trend for low/no is here to stay so we must continue to look for ways to build on quality choices for our loyal customers.”


Sun Drop pale ale released in cans by Salcombe Brewery

Salcombe Brewery has launched its vegan and gluten-free pale ale Sun Drop in cans.

Using a blend of American hops, Devon-based Salcombe’s Sun Drop is said to have “an intensely fruity and citrusy aroma of melon, orange and pink grapefruit that really packs a punch and quenches the thirst”.

Salcombe added: “Although gluten-free and vegan friendly, this dry-hopped ale is bursting with all the flavour you would expect from a regular ale and is delicious served alongside a Thai sweet potato curry or barbecued marinated vegetables.”

Sun Drop is available in packs of 12 x 330ml cans for £24, with delivery to the on-trade available locally while those outside Devon can contact Salcombe to confirm their nearest distributor/wholesaler.


Austrian low-alcohol wines launched by Vida Wines & Spirits

Vida Wines & Spirits has brought two new wines to its range in the form of Hochdeutsch Wein.

Austrian winemaker Julie-Ann Hoch works with fresh biodynamic botanicals for their taste and for the positive health impact of the herbs used in her wines.

Vida said: “[She] grows nettles, elderflowers and roses to create a tea that’s blended with grape must to produce refreshing bone dry sparkling wines. Pure and honest, the grapes and flowers are grown following biodynamic principles and then harvested by hand.

“The flowers are then slowly dried to retain their delicate essential oils. The grapes are gently foot trodden to retain purity of fruit flavours. The grape must and the tea blend are then fermented naturally in the bottle using wild yeasts and without any artificial additives to produce a low alcohol sparkling wine with pure elegance.”

The wines available are Hochdeutsch Elderflower 2020, which is described as a bone-dry and refreshing bottled botanical made from home-grown botanicals and grape juice that is bottled at 5% ABV at a price of £15.49 for75cl.

The second variety is Hochdeutsch Rosé Blossom 2020, which is also 5% ABV and priced at £13.94 for 75cl.


Sassy 0% organic cider unveiled

A gluten-free and vegan cider from Normandy was released to the market just before Christmas, in time for Veganuary.

The new Sassy 0% Organic Cider includes a wide variety of applies, grown in the family orchards.

Each apply variety has been chosen for its own special flavours and attributes they will add to the blend. Five apple varieties are included, which are all native to Normandy.

The cider is made to 4% ABV before the alcohol is spun off, creating a 0% organic drink.

The product is 100% fruit and not-from concentrate, with no water added and no added sugars with an RRP of £2.99 per 27.5cl and is available directly from Maison Sassy, Laithwaites, Amazon and Direct Wines.


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