Startle is a talented tech company that harnesses the power of music + tech + science for hospitality and retail clients, because creating pitch-perfect customer experiences goes way beyond just nice music and wishful thinking. Truly influencing behaviour and emotions takes a powerful combination of perfectly curated music, kick-ass technology and a deep knowledge of consumer behaviour to influence with intention, with a final positive commercial impact.
For enterprise businesses, we’re the perfect partner to collaborate with. We provide bespoke, innovative engagement technology that integrates easy like Sunday morning. This could be anything you can dream up; from an interactive interface allowing customers to choose songs in a venue, to dynamic digital signage that’s perfectly in sync with the weather, the time of day and store busyness. And it’s all supported backstage by the best tech crew in the business, our Relentless Support™.
CEO Adam Castleton co-founded Startle in 2012 after identifying an opportunity to haul dated background music technology kicking and screaming into the modern, highly-connected era. Previously Head of Digital Strategy at the London and New York agency, Rawnet, Adam has extensive technical and operational experience, working with companies such as ITV, 3M and Western Digital.

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Startle Music-Get Ready to Reopen with Rock and Roll Bingo

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Get Ready to Reopen with Rock and Roll Bingo

We get locked down, but we Get Up Again! Pubs can get the party started when they reopen in May by making the most of a free month of the popular Rock and Roll Bingo game, guaranteed to get customers’ toes tapping and the tills ringing.