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Pub forced to make changes to 'self-serve wall'

A pub that allows customers to pour their own pints was forced to make changes after being told it was in violation of licensing laws.

Self-service: Thirsty Souls will still allow customers to pour their own pints

MA500: Licensing Act changes - what are the odds?

09-Jun-2017 - The House of Lords select committee laid out its proposals for a “major overhaul” of the Licensing Act 2003 in early April. 

NHS pressures ‘could be reduced’ by shorter trading times, claims IAS

31-May-2017 - Pressure on ambulances, emergency departments, hospitals and the police could be “eased” if pub trading times were reduced, a study of licensing laws has claimed.

National Pubwatch launches Star Awards

26-May-2017 - National Pubwatch has launched the first of its Star Awards to recognise the contribution made by people to their local schemes.  

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Legal Q&A: should pubs let punters use their Wi-Fi to bet online?

25-May-2017 - Should a publican allow customers to use their Wi-Fi to bet online? Legal expert Poppleston Allen explains the legal situation.

Tower Hamlets forced to delay late-night levy

24-May-2017 - Tower Hamlets has been forced to push back the introduction of a proposed late-night levy as a result of legal action taken by industry bodies.

Licensing authorities and publicans to job swap for National Licensing Week

23-May-2017 - National Licensing Week will take place in mid June and see job swaps across the industry, the Institute of Licensing has confirmed.

Lords’ Licensing Act Review: what are the odds for change?

23-May-2017 - It’s more than a month since The House of Lords select committee published proposals for a “major overhaul” of the 2003 Licensing Act. But how many of the Lords’ recommendations are...

High Court dismisses challenge to Liverpool late-night levy

10-May-2017 - Liverpool City Council is free to continue running its late-night levy after a challenge brought by the Pub Invest Group was dismissed by the High Court.

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Legal Q&A: the dos and don'ts of gaming machines in family pubs

10-May-2017 - Should a publican put a gaming machines in his family-friendly pub? Legal experts Poppleston Allen explain the legal position.

Designated premises supervisor application process changed

08-May-2017 - Applications to change a pub's designated premises supervisor (DPS) have been made easier following process amendments by the Home Office.

Proposed Hackney levy ‘blunt and indiscriminate’

08-May-2017 - The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has billed the late-night levy a “blunt and indiscriminate tax” in response to Hackney Council’s consultation on proposals to introduce the charge.

Father chases licensee for unpaid daughter's wages

20-Apr-2017 - A father is pursuing a licensee who left the pub without paying his daughter’s wages.

Legal advice: Six things to think about when adding to your outdoor offer

19-Apr-2017 - With British Summertime under way and the days getting longer, hopefully, we should be in for some better weather and you may be considering using any external areas to take full...

BBPA responds to Hackney levy consultation

11-Apr-2017 - The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has officially responded to Hackney Council’s consultation  on introducing a late-night levy at a time where the House of Lords looks to abolish the order...

Licensing authority guidance updated in response to concerns

10-Apr-2017 - The Government has updated its guidance for licensing authorities following concerns that the new powers may lead to heavy handed implementation of the Licensing Act 2003.

Introduce agent-of-change principle to ‘balance’ Licensing Act, say Lords

06-Apr-2017 - Proposals to change the Licensing Act have called for the inclusion of an agent-of-change principle to make licensing laws fairer for businesses and residents.

Major overhaul proposed for ‘fundamentally flawed’ Licensing Act

04-Apr-2017 - The chair of the House of Lords inquiry into the Licensing Act 2003 has described the legislation as “fundamentally flawed”, and a number of proposals have been made to fix...

Hartlepool council delays EMRO decision until summer

30-Mar-2017 - Hartlepool Borough Council has pushed back a decision on introducing an early morning restriction order (EMRO) this week.

Date confirmed for results of Lords licensing review

28-Mar-2017 - The House of Lords will announce the findings of its inquiry into the 2003 Licensing Act next Tuesday (4 April).

Gloucester delays late-night levy decision

21-Mar-2017 - Gloucester City Council has delayed its decision on introducing a late-night levy for the city.

Trade reiterates calls for alternative to late-night levy

16-Mar-2017 - Trade bodies have strengthened calls for an alternative approach to Gloucester’s late-night levy and to look at nearby Cheltenham for inspiration.

Late-night levy plans for Hackney ‘will have detrimental effect’

14-Mar-2017 - Industry groups have warned Hackney Borough Council that proposals to introduce a late-night levy in the area would be detrimental to local businesses.

Number of pubs showing illegal Sky continues to decline

27-Feb-2017 - The number of pubs showing Sky illegally is decreasing, the broadcaster’s head of commercial piracy has confirmed.

Ground-breaking move means Cheltenham late-night levy will be canned

27-Feb-2017 - Cheltenham Borough Council has decided to scrap its late-night levy in favour of a business improvement district (BID), a decision that is the first of its kind.