Mounting costs pose real threat to on-trade growth

Increasing food and drink prices, as well as business rates revaluations, pose immediate threats to on-trade growth this year, new research shows.

Price hike: pubs are preparing for a tough year

JDW will be first pub chain to show drinks calories

19-Feb-2017 - Calorie information for all pub giant JD Wetherspoon’s (JDW) drinks will be shown on its menu and website for the first time from next month.

Gap in the market for no-booze pub, claims pop-up bar owner

27-Jan-2017 - Alcohol-free pop-up bar owner Jamie Walker has said there is a gap in the market for a booze-free pub.

Coke Zero reveals £4.5m ad campaign

16-Jan-2017 - Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will be at the centre of a multimillion-pound advertising campaign to emphasise its low-sugar, but Coca-Cola Classic taste, credentials.


Mitchells & Butlers’ sales on the up

13-Jan-2017 - Pub group giant Mitchells & Butlers, which operates about 1,600 sites across the UK, has reported strong food and drink sales growth for the four weeks to 7 January, attributed...

Dry January

More than half of consumers want more support from pubs for Dry January

12-Jan-2017 - More than 50% of consumers have said pubs and bars should promote non-alcohol drinks to help support non-drinkers through Dry January, according to reports.


Men push women off #DryJanuary wagon

04-Jan-2017 - Men are more likely to push their female partners off the #DryJanuary wagon, goad them into breaking healthy drinking plans and consume more alcohol than the other way round.

Drinks predictions

What 2017 has in store for the drinks category

03-Jan-2017 - Last year was a mixed bag for the pub trade, from the shockwaves following the ‘Leave’ vote of the EU referendum, to the heavily delayed pubs code and the anguish...


Pubs tackle drink-driving with free soft drinks and bus rides

19-Dec-2016 - Pubs are backing the safer drinking message and helping to crack down on drink-driving during the festive period.

The Drinks List: Top 100 Brands

07-Dec-2016 - Drinking habits are changing as consumers are faced with more choice than ever, but in The Morning Advertiser's Drinks List: Top 100 Brands, there is a positive story showing a healthy...

Designated Driver

Death by drink driving: changing a nation

06-Dec-2016 - The festivities around Christmas are always tempered by warnings about the dangers of drinking and driving, and the mayhem it can cause to the lives of victims and perpetrators alike....

Designated Driver

Go soft or go home

06-Dec-2016 - Designated drivers amongst a group of Christmas revellers can boost the dwell time of the whole party as well as their spend, here we explore how to give the drivers...

Soft Drinks Tax

Government reveals potential cost of controversial sugar tax

06-Dec-2016 - The Government has revealed the extent of costs pubs could be forced to pass on to their customers created by the upcoming sugar tax.

Designated Driver

How Scotland’s drink-drive law has changed pubs

06-Dec-2016 - Scotland’s lower drink drive limits have had a profound effect on the pub trade, leaving a significant amount of sites with a decline in trade. Has this led to a...

Designated Driver

Inside the New Queen Inn

06-Dec-2016 - Since taking on Dorset pub the New Queen Inn in early 2016, licensee Will Everingham and his wife, Lorraine, have put their own stamp on the site by developing both...

Designated Driver

Inside Thorley Taverns

06-Dec-2016 - Christmas may be a time for groups of revellers to let their hair down and party like there’s no tomorrow, but it also a time for licensees and pub operators...

Designated Driver

Inside Rab Ha’s

06-Dec-2016 - Rab Ha’s is named after a 19th-century lover of great food and drink. Manager Karen Pringle talks about how the site now aims to deliver great food and drink for...

Designated Driver

Food and soft drink pairing

06-Dec-2016 - No one bats an eyelid when wines are paired with specific dishes, and it should be no different with soft drinks. Andrew Don reports

Designated Driver

The rise of alcohol-free beer

06-Dec-2016 - They may have endured snide remarks and sidelong glances in the past, but low and no-ABV beers are enjoying a renaissance on the back of the current trend towards healthier...

Designated Driver

Soft swaps for alcoholic drinks

06-Dec-2016 - This month, the on-trade will witness the highest sales of alcohol compared with the rest of the year. Can soft drinks equal the likes of beer, spirits and Champagne, or...

Designated Driver

Coke boss talks sugar levy and new products

06-Dec-2016 - From the long-running Designated Driver campaign to the sugar levy proposal, Rob Harris has plenty on his plate as the ‘new boy’ at Coca-Cola European Partners

Designated driver

Revisiting ‘near beer’ category

06-Dec-2016 - Are brewers finally managing to create no and low-alcohol beers that are genuinely palatable, rather than the curate’s egg we have endured for so many years before?

Designated Driver

Embrace the soft drink opportunities afforded by Christmas

06-Dec-2016 - Well it’s been quite a year, with Leicester City winning the Premier League, Trump’s election, the Referendum and the biggest upset of all, Danny Baker being the first out of...

The Drinks List: Top 100 Brands

Soft drinks rank high in Top 100 Drinks Brands

29-Nov-2016 - Eleven soft drinks brands have reached the list of the top 100 beverages operators should stock in their pub.

Drinks trends

Drinks Trends: what was big in 2016 and what is to come

29-Nov-2016 - We all know that gin and craft beer are the big movers and shakers in drinks trends right now. But what else is making the ground move for licensees, and...