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Harvester diner fuming over 'disgraceful' lack of options

A couple on a dinner date at a local Harvester were stunned when they were told there was essentially nothing available from the menu apart from chicken. 

Harvester Cheltenham: the menu was almost bare

Gin festival attracts thousands

A Cheshire pub hosted the county’s biggest gin festival and saw more than 2,500 in attendance. 


ALMR supports nationwide scheme to minimise passenger disruption

The Association of Licensed Multiple Operators (ALMR) is backing a campaign to develop a voluntary UK Aviation Industry Code of Practice on Disruptive Passengers.

Cask Ale Week 2016

Cask Ale Week: A Beginner's Guide

September sees the return of Cask Ale Week, but why should pubs get involved in the annual event? Sara Hussein reports

Keeping up with the bar equipment

Outdated bar and catering equipment can leave a pub behind the times. Here, some of the trade’s leading suppliers give us the lowdown on the latest must-have kit

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Sky Sports bring the best of, Cricket, F1 and Golf this summer of sport

Come rain or shine, we can rely on sport to deliver a dramatic summer. Pubs and bars can complement live coverage of the Olympics with an epic summer of cricket, F1 and golf.

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From tin tankards to Smooth Pour Glasses: How the pint glass has evolved over the years

From 10-sided glasses to Noniks and now Cobra’s new Smooth Pour Glass – the humble pint glass has certainly come a long way over the decades.

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Hellmann’s launches Grilltopia campaign to help pubs find burger heaven

Burgers have been booming for years – and the trend is showing no signs of going anywhere. Over the last year, almost 13% of main meals eaten out of home featured a burger . But in today’s highly competitive market, the traditional pattie and bun doesn’t always cut it.

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Make it Perfect with Red Bull and Give Your Profits Wings

Research by Red Bull suggests that by ensuring pubs deliver the perfect serve every time, they can increase sales by up to 21%. Achieving this is simple, it comes down to just four steps