Top Headlines

BrewDog interview: Watt reveals all

Brewdog co-founder talks about working with JDW and the possibility of an IPO.

Drinking increases by 6% to overtake food spend

Drinking beats eating for first time in GK tracker's history in March.

Call for govt to legislate on vaping

An industry chief executive is calling on the Government to give clarity to the industry over e-cigarettes. 


Can you have a beer garden without a licence?

With forecasters predicting a three-month heatwave, it's time to look at external areas.


Allergens: report reveals customers still concerned

Customers still concerned about allergen content despite EU legislation.

East London's finest: Learning the lessons from the latest in the food scene

PubFood hit the mean streets of East London to check out the latest trends in the UK's food scene.

Corona launches beach-themed summer campaign

Mexican beer brand aims to bring new beach experience to the on-trade 

Money makers

How to make £50k in drinks sales

How the Cape of Good Hope delivered a winning formula.