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Closures have slowed but they need to stop

It’s a positive piece of news to hear that the rate of pub closures has slowed, although, more positive, would be that there was no rate of closure at all, and the sector was actually growing.

Closures have slowed but they need to stop
Legal advice

Know the details of your new pub before purchasing

It is surprising how many operators still find themselves in difficulties when negotiating the acquisition of new premises to trade as a licensed venue.

Leicestershire pub creates ‘unbeatable’ burger challenge

A Leicester pub that recently made headlines with a massive 3,500-calorie Christmas eating challenge has created a new ‘unbeatable’ burger challenge for its customers.


Legal Q&A: Betting and gaming issues

This week's legal Q&A focuses on betting in pubs and information on gaming machines.

Poppleston Allen

Legal advice: Planning permission pitfalls

One of my clients called me recently and asked about what seemed like a simple temporary change to his operation.