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Sugar Tax

Sugar tax and nutritional labelling enforced under lobby group’s plans

Prime Minister David Cameron is facing increased pressure from the sugar lobby group Action on Sugar (AoS) to implement a heavy tax on sugary food and drink and to enforce nutritional labelling on menus to help tackle the UK’s growing obesity epidemic.

Food Safety

Sous vide cooking: are food safety fears grounded?

A lack of knowledge about the potential safety implications of sous vide cooking has sparked concern from experts, as new research claims many recipes don’t follow the recommended food safety guidelines.

City news

Marston’s: New builds, burrito bars and casual dining

The Publican's Morning Advertiser's sister publication M&C spoke to Marston’s chief executive Ralph Findlay and chief financial officer Andrew Andrea about its results and future plans.


Deltic launches huge data capture project

The Deltic Group, the 58-strong nightclub group, is to employ an analyst and psychologist to help it mine data on its customers in a similar way to retail giants Amazon or Tesco.

Back bar bulletin

Spirits to softs and cocktails to cider, your essential round-up of what's hot on the back bar.

Property of the week

Kent Dartford: THE CLIPPER

£100,000.00 - Leasehold

Busy High Street location public house with late licence within pedestrianised town centre prominently located.Close...