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Pub protection

Protection for 21 "much loved" interwar pubs

The Government has given listed status to 21 pubs built between the First and Second World War.

Sports bra scandal

Women wearing sports bras and leggings to get free drink at Oakman Inns

Oakman Inns pokes fan at Costa Coffee after the coffee chain asks woman wearing leggings and a sports bra to leave. 

Advertising board

"German porn" A-board removed following complaints and visit from police

A licensee has removed a sign advertising “German porn” at a Shrewsbury pub after complaints led to a visit from police and environmental health.

Abandoned south London pub wins £3.8 million lottery windfall

Lottery win reverses fortunes of pub where legendary boxer Henry Cooper trained. 


'Disappointment' for locals determined to prevent pub from becoming convenience store

Last ditch attempts to prevent Sedgley's Seven Stars from becoming Morrisons fail. 


In pictures: BrewDog's dead donkey stunt

Drinkers invited to attend launch of the Brighton bar on a taxidermy donkey taxi. 

"Disappointing" beer sales down again

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has released figures in its Beer Barometer for the second quarter of 2015 showing total sales down 5.6% from 2014.