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Underage drinking efforts hailed

Pubs praised for ‘hard work’ on tackling issue.

Bar talk: How much of a problem do you think underage drinking is?

The Publican's Morning Advertiser asked four licensees to what extent they believed that underage drinking was within their venues.


Advice: Don't fall foul of underage sales

The sale of alcohol to and consumption by under-18s in licensed premises has always been considered an issue of the utmost seriousness by enforcing authorities and licensing sub-committees alike.

Online map reveals locations of 29,000 UK pubs

Map paints positive picture for UK pubs. 

Yummy Pub Co launches 'tea themed' pub in London

The Stoke Newington Tea House will be the group's first high street pub and will serve over 100 teas. 


Black Sheep goes hipster with Pathmaker

Black Sheep Brewery has outlined a new path for the brewery, reaching out to younger, more experimental drinkers by reinventing its image.

Great British Pub Awards

What does it take to be one of the great British pubs?

The PMA team has been out and about during the past few weeks, visiting pubs across the country as part of the judging process for this year’s Great British Pub Awards.

Join the pub brigade

Mass Mobilisation: meet the managed pub groups taking on the chef shortage

Finding and retaining chefs for an independent or leased pub can be hard enough, but imagine trying to find and recruit enough chefs to maintain and drive kitchens at — in some cases — hundreds of sites. Daniel Woolfson reports.

First international Thornbridge bar to open in The Netherlands

Thornbridge brewery is set to open its first international in 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.