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Debate: Premiumisation of it a trend?

Last month, key figures from across the on-trade gathered at Geronimo Inns’ site the Oyster Shed, in the City of London, for a roundtable debate on the premiumisation of beer in the licensed hospitality sector. Laurie MacDonald reports.

Beer special

Beer Day Britain: 'It was a rousing start for something long overdue'

If you are a publican, employee of a pub chain, or work for a brewery you will hopefully have been celebrating, along with millions of other beer drinkers, the country’s second annual national beer day. 

Beer special

Why is Maris Otter barley such a loved ingredient for beer aficionados?

The variety in question is used for making some of the country’s best-loved craft beers.While Maris Otter barley might not be a household name, it...

Beer special

The 6 best beer cocktails

The words ‘beer’ and ‘cocktail’ are seldom found in the same sentence, but with a move away from sweet cocktails, inventive bartenders are turning to beer to jazz-up their concoctions.