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Report debunks £20bn 'cost of alcohol' figure

Drinkers are subsidising non-drinkers to the tune of £6.5bn a year, a new report suggests.

Bitter blow for Scottish minimum unit pricing plans

Advocate General says the proposal would infringe on free trade. 

Punch sell-off: Protest planned outside Liverpool's Roscoe Head

Protest to be staged outside Liverpool's the Roscoe Head. 

Craft Beer

Beginner's guide to stocking US craft beer at your pub

Craft beer is the hottest trend in the beer world but the plethora of styles and brands available can be overwhelming. Sylvia Kopp, craft beer ambassador at the US Brewers Association, looks at how best to choose which brands to stock.

Nightmare children top complaint from pub goers

Unruly children are the number one cause of complaints according to the Good Pub Guide. 


Video: Brewdog & Crowdcube partnership rakes in £500k in 24 hours

Fans of the craft brewer can now buy bonds as well as equity. 


Death of the pint? Not at all...

Pete Brown relies on the world of statistics to compile the Cask Report  - but when facts are used incorrectly, he refuses to tolerate it.


Knockout blow for 158 Punch pub licensees

Interestingly enough, following on from my last piece on paranoia and the pub trade, Punch seemed determined to underline this.