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Illegal sports broadcasting

Illegal football: "You will be caught" - £2k fines per match

Licensees have been warned "you will be caught" for showing sport illegally after a Liverpool pub supervisor was fined £22,000, including £2,000 for each individual offence of illegal broadcasting football matches.

Enterprise trialling segmentation programme

Enterprise Inns has unveiled details of its new segmentation programme to members of its operations team and key suppliers at a conference in Birmingham.

Less isn't always more

Honesty and transparency in drinks creation is important, but so is the skill of a good blend. It is something that has been overlooked for some time. Why? Because, these days, we’re a bit suspicious of anything rogue. Is there horse meat in it? Nuts? Dairy? Sweeteners? What IS that?...


BrewDog 'smash crowdfunding world record with a monster truck'

Brewdog break the world record for the largest amount of money raised through crowdfunding. 

Licensing guidance

Proposal slammed: 14 problems with licensing conditions

The British Beer and Pub Association has heavily criticised the drive to create a 'standard pool' of conditions for licensed premises.

Rugby World Cup

Licensees left disappointed by Rugby World Cup turnout

A survey from ASDA found almost 50% of people have opted to watch games at home. 

The Big Interview: Laine Pub Co's Gavin George

Listening to Gavin George explain how he runs The Laine Pub Company, you could be forgiven for expecting a formulaic estate of methodically operated pubs.

Top tips for Halloween: scare in the community

Hosting a Halloween event can be a memorable occasion, as well as a great way to boost profits. Michelle Perrett speaks to licensees and brand representatives to find out how pubs can increase footfall during the spooky season.