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Nutritional information on menus demanded by consumers

More than two-thirds (67%) of consumers want to know the nutritional information of every dish on a menu when they eat out, according to Fourth, software partner to the hospitality industry.

Social stopper: almost half of consumers think a healthy eating plan gets in the way of their social life

Coeliacs shun pub food in favour of restaurants

04-May-2017 - Coeliacs are shunning pubs in favour of restaurants, The Morning Advertiser (MA) has learned.

Cancer warning over chips and roast potatoes

23-Jan-2017 - Pub chips and roast potatoes are under the spotlight after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued a warning about the possibility of cancer-causing acrylamides. 


Eating out in UK is 'absolute nightmare' for diabetics

09-Nov-2016 - Pubs and restaurants are missing out on millions of potential customers by not providing or flagging low-sugar options suitable for diabetics, a leading campaigner has warned. 

Create a healthy food menu for kids

28-Jul-2016 - Creating a children’s menu that satisfies young appetites, while keeping mum and dad happy that their cherubs are eating a balanced diet, can be tough. But the experts have a...

Top Tips

5 tips to make your pub more family friendly

20-Jul-2016 - Pubs are popular go-to venues for families to socialise and spend quality time with one another as well as meet up with other families. Yet there are many that are...

Gluten-free Report

10 things you need to know about serving gluten-free food in pubs

10-May-2016 - Gluten-free food is one of the most enduring food trends to hit the UK's eating-out sector this century, but what do you need to know to implement it in your...


Guv'nor: Pubs really can be good for your health

21-Mar-2016 - The trade has taken a bit of a battering recently. The Chief Medical Officer recently cut recommended drinking limits and declared there is “no such thing as a safe level of...

Healthy eating

Calorie counting "not important" for consumers

09-Mar-2016 - Calorie labelling on pub food menus could be irrelevant, as new research from Mintel shows the information far from tops consumers' priorities when looking for nutritional guidance.

JD Wetherspoon ups prices as soft drink sales rise

07-Mar-2016 - After serving its final Sunday roast yesterday, JD Wetherspoon has upped prices on it Breakfast Club menu.

Consumers demand more food information

18-Feb-2016 - Your customers want to know more about their food than ever before, leading consumer research released by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed.


Organic meat and dairy better for health, claims study

18-Feb-2016 - Organic meat and milk are better for health than their non-organic variants, a new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition has claimed.


Calorie labelling: Pub chains must “spell out” content

15-Feb-2016 - Pub chains must “spell out” calorific content clearly to consumers, policy makers have been urged ahead of the Government’s upcoming childhood obesity strategy.


Why the anti-alcohol brigade should come with a warning

02-Feb-2016 - January is only just over but the neo-prohibitionists are already having a busy 2016.

CAMRA report: people who visit local pub are happier, have more friends & are more satisfied

22-Jan-2016 - Research from the University of Oxford has revealed people who have a local or regularly visit small community pubs are happier, have more close friends, and are more satisfied with...


Former Brewdog man opens vegan-focused pub in Bristol

18-Jan-2016 - A new pub in Bristol has opened serving a menu of almost completely vegan dishes.

Healthy options

Call for exercise-equivalent calorie labelling

15-Jan-2016 - The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has called for 'activity-equivalent' calorie labelling, which would show how much exercise would be required to burn off calories contained in food and...


Vegetarian food draws customers to pubs in January

04-Jan-2016 - Heavily-promoting healthy food options in January can tempt fat-fighting consumers through pub doors during the period of self-restraint, a vegetarian and vegan food distributor has claimed.


Healthy food options: what's coming in 2016?

04-Jan-2016 - As more people decide they know what’s best for their own health, Alison Baker looks at how pubs can offer food and drink to meet requirements


Council chiefs call for calorie labelling on alcoholic drinks

04-Jan-2016 - Calorie labelling on bottles and cans of alcoholic drinks should be introduced to combat obesity, council chiefs have said.


Allergens law anniversary: pubs struggle with consumer demand

09-Dec-2015 - Pubs are still failing to provide a wider enough choice of dishes for customers with specialist diets since the introduction of EU legislation on allergens one year ago, new research...

Sugar tax

BBPA chief: sugar tax will “increase burden” on brewers and pubs

30-Nov-2015 - The introduction of a heavy tax on sugar would make things harder for pubs and brewers which already face considerable levels of tax including beer duty and business rates, the...

Sugar Tax

Sugar tax and nutritional labelling enforced under lobby group’s plans

30-Nov-2015 - Prime Minister David Cameron is facing increased pressure from the sugar lobby group Action on Sugar (AoS) to implement a heavy tax on sugary food and drink and to enforce...

Food businesses could be damaged by 'scaremongering campaigns'

10-Nov-2015 - Pub food operators’ businesses could be damaged by “scaremongering” campaigns such as Jamie Oliver’s recent sugar tax campaign, a Yorkshire chef has claimed. 


Wetherspoons’ food developer: ‘a winning kids’ food menu’

26-Oct-2015 - Wetherspoons’ food developer Sophie Jennings has revealed how the high street pub chain was one of the top pubs for healthy children’s meals on the Soil Association’s Eating Out report...

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