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What the Millennials say about pubs

Drinks offers, atmosphere, ‘shareability’ and the entertainment available in pubs play a big part in where Millennials choose to spend time in the on-trade.

Social media: Millennials explain why they go to the pub

Mobile apps 'would get customers to spend more cash’

18-May-2017 - Pubgoers would spend more if they could use smartphones as a 'digital wallet' to order and pay for food and drink, research from CGA Peach and Zonal’s Go Technology report...

Business-rates appeals in limbo as website deemed ‘unfit’

10-May-2017 - Thousands of businesses which are challenging their rates bill are "in limbo" as the Government’s Valuation Office Agency (VOA) website is “unfit for purpose”, according to business, rent and rates...

Is social media ruining the UK's pub culture?

08-May-2017 - Millennials are drinking less than any other age group and licensees have put the blame on social media, but is this really the case?

7 day beer line cleaning rule ‘not strictly true’

12-Apr-2017 - Cleaning beer lines every seven days is not necessarily the tell of good hygiene, on-trade cellar sanitisation firm Avani has claimed after a report outed the ‘dirtiest’ beer in Britain.

Ei Publican Partnerships launches digital tools for current and aspiring publicans

30-Mar-2017 - Ei Publican Partnerships has revealed two new digital tools designed to help publicans run “successful, efficient pub businesses” while attracting new entrepreneurs into the trade.

Licensee bans mobile phones for ‘stifling conversation’

27-Mar-2017 - The licensee of a Bristol pub has banned mobile phones in a bid to let customers enjoy a pint and a chat.

Single online solution for pub operators ‘key to building loyalty and trade’

20-Mar-2017 - Pub customers want an online “one stop shop” to keep them informed about pubs in their area and encourage them to visit, according to a new survey.

Pub website 'targeted by anti-ISIS hackers'

07-Feb-2017 - The licensee of a Black Country pub has said he found it "slightly amusing" after claiming Kurdish hackers posted an obscene message on the pub's website.

Top tips to boost customer loyalty schemes

23-Jan-2017 - Pubs have lagged behind when it comes to understanding customer loyalty in the past. But with technology, smartphones and personalised rewards they can tap into new and exciting opportunities for their...

Online Reviews

Less than two thirds of businesses specifically monitor review websites

22-Dec-2016 - Only 60% of operators are specifically monitoring their performance on key review sites, a survey by Barclays for the second Future Shock report has revealed.


Technology: Why up-to-date EPoS systems can benefit your pub

29-Nov-2016 - It may seem a big ask for pub and bar operators to keep up with the pace of technological improvements and developments when it comes to EPoS systems, but the...

Background Noise

Can background noise lead businesses to lose customers?

14-Nov-2016 - According to a recent survey carried out by the charity Action on Hearing Loss, almost 80% of people have left a pub or restaurant early because of excessive background noise.


More millennials choosing not to go out

02-Nov-2016 - Millennials are increasingly choosing to stay indoors and watch TV rather than head to the pub at the weekend, according to a new survey. 


Millennials: attracting younger consumers with technology

01-Nov-2016 - With younger people using pubs less than their older counterparts, it is vital that the trade finds ways to reverse this trend. And embracing new technology, could just be the...

MA Sport

Sky launches app to bring all Premier League goals to pub goers

28-Oct-2016 - All customers in venues with Sky Sports Wi-Fi can now watch every Premier League goal and match highlights through a free new app.


All fun and games: How to boost revenue with cutting- edge entertainment

27-Oct-2016 - While the more traditional pub games have endured, operators have embraced technology by offering some cutting-edge entertainment for their tech-savvy customers. 


Enterprise and Booker launch menu-building tool

26-Oct-2016 - A new menu-building tool has been introduced by Booker Wholesale and Enterprise to enable licensees to improve their food offer.

Bar & Pub Show 2016

Bar & Pub Show 2016 in pictures

10-Oct-2016 - After the first Bar & Pub Show was showcased last week (Monday 3 October- Wednesday 5 October), The Morning Advertiser looks over some highlights of the event.

Hygiene and Compliance

Clean up your act: why operators must prioritise food safety and compliance

20-Sep-2016 - With offenders now facing heavier fines and prison terms, The Morning Advertiser looks at some of the key compliance issues and solutions 


TripAdvisor: who gives a hoot?

14-Sep-2016 - TripAdvisor: love it or hate it, if you work in hospitality, you’ve got an opinion. And the chances are it's a strong one.


Pub customers to be offered 'digital charity box' on payment

08-Sep-2016 - EPOS firm Zonal Retail Data Systems has teamed up with Pennies - a 'digital charity box' company - to offer customers the opportunity to give money to chosen charities.


Poll: Are mobile phones bad for an atmosphere in the pub?

07-Sep-2016 - A bar in central London has seen trade rise significantly after offering free, fast Wi-Fi to city professionals during the day time.

Bar Talk

Are mobile phones 'horrible for atmosphere' at pubs?

05-Sep-2016 - Following on from Hove bar the Gin Tub installing a Faraday cage in their ceiling so mobile phone signals are unable to enter the site, this week’s bar talk asks...

Virtual reality

Innis & Gunn brings virtual reality to UK pubs

18-Aug-2016 - Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? It's hard to tell at 50 pubs dotted across the UK where Innis & Gunn is inviting drinkers to don a...