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Food and drink industry supported by PM in Brexit speech

Industry bodies have welcomed Teresa May’s “recognition” of the value of the food and drink sector in her Brexit speech.  

The Prime Minister has addressed the 'crucial' food and drink industry

Mitchells & Butlers’ sales on the up

13-Jan-2017 - Pub group giant Mitchells & Butlers, which operates about 1,600 sites across the UK, has reported strong food and drink sales growth for the four weeks to 7 January, attributed...

Food safety

Zero hygiene rating for pub with encrusted fly killer and E.coli

13-Jan-2017 - A heavily “encrusted” electronic fly killer, the presence of E.coli and a lack of hand-washing facilities has left an historic Northamptonshire pub with the lowest food hygiene rating.


Pub regular chokes to death on pickled eggs

12-Jan-2017 - A regular at a Devon pub choked to death on pickled eggs after betting £5 he could eat four of them in one minute. 


JD Wetherspoon apologises to 'disgusted' customer for 'half' eaten dish

11-Jan-2017 - JD Wetherspoon has apologised for not replacing a woman’s dish that had been already partially eaten by another customer.  

food safety

Operators warned to minimise 'cancer-causing' chemical in cooking

11-Jan-2017 - Food safety experts have warned operators to minimise the amount of a potentially cancer-causing chemical that occurs in food cooked for long periods at high temperatures.


Diners confused over tipping

10-Jan-2017 - More than half (54%) of British diners find the UK tipping culture awkward, the latest AA survey has revealed.

Food Scares

Researchers develop new 'food scare' categories system

10-Jan-2017 - Chefs and licensees will be able to manage food scares more efficiently using research from the University of Surrey.

Top 50 Gastropubs

Matt Tebbutt announced as Top 50 Gastropubs presenter

04-Jan-2017 - Saturday Morning Kitchen and Food Unwrapped star Matt Tebbutt will host the Estrella Damm Top 50 Gastropub list reveal and awards later this month.


'Dirty and greasy' pub fined £2.5k for food hygiene violations

22-Dec-2016 - A pub was slapped with a £2,500 bill after environmental health officers discovered a range of potentially dangerous food safety violations. 


Pub manager outraged after TripAdvisor refuses to take down “xenophobic” review

20-Dec-2016 - A London pub manager was stunned when TripAdvisor refused to remove a customer’s outrageous review saying their experience had been ruined by “groups of POLISH people”.


Great Sausage Roll Off returns for 2017

20-Dec-2016 - Chefs from across the UK are preparing to put their bar snack-making skills to the test for the fifth annual Great Sausage Roll Off. 

Branded food pubs

Branded food pubs up 19% in past year

14-Dec-2016 - The number of branded food pubs increased 19.1% in the year to September – equivalent to more than one new addition everyday - the latest Market Growth Monitor has claimed.

Food safety

Rare burger crippling health risk warning

13-Dec-2016 - A food safety watchdog has warned of the crippling health threats undercooked burgers can cause now that the category is in steep growth and as a result of more consumers...


"Wonderful gesture" - London pub offers free dinner to the lonely at Christmas

09-Dec-2016 - A London pub has announced it will offer a free full turkey dinner and a beer to anyone alone at Christmas.


Customer 'tried to blackmail' pub with TripAdvisor food poisoning allegation, claims licensee

06-Dec-2016 - A licensee has told of his outrage after a customer who was refused a refund left a negative review claiming to have come down with food poisoning in retaliation. 

Designated Driver

Food and soft drink pairing

06-Dec-2016 - No one bats an eyelid when wines are paired with specific dishes, and it should be no different with soft drinks. Andrew Don reports

Food Safety

Diners demand pubs be forced to display hygiene ratings

05-Dec-2016 - Public support is overwhelmingly in favour of legislation that would force pubs across England to publicly display their food hygiene ratings.

Healthy menu planning

On a health kick

29-Nov-2016 - Once the Alka-Seltzers have been returned to the medicine cabinet after the festive binge, customers will emerge from their party mentality in search of health food sanctuary. Enter the pub... ...

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Keeping it clean and easy

29-Nov-2016 - Pubs are under ever-increasing scrutiny – whether it is how good at sourcing from the local area a venue is or how many stars it has been given by the...


Salmonella warning: salad juices 'encourage growth of poisonous bacteria'

23-Nov-2016 - Green salad juices found in bagged salads can encourage the growth of debilitating Salmonella bacteria, academics have warned.


Scores on the doors: the evolution of food safety regulations

15-Nov-2016 - With moves afoot to introduce a new regulatory system that would see pubs and other food businesses mandated to display food hygiene ratings, it has never been more important for...


Top 50 Gastropubs 2017: finalists announced for specialist awards

14-Nov-2016 - Six pubs have been shortlisted for specialist awards in this year’s Estrella Damm Top 50 Gastropubs Awards.

Pub food

Pioneering pub 'patisserie' hopes to taste sweet success

11-Nov-2016 - A north Somerset pub has debuted a patisserie serving pastries, artisan breads and chocolate in a bid to tempt customers ‘from far and wide’. 


Young’s to open new pubs in Bristol and Cambridge

11-Nov-2016 - London-based pub company Young’s has set its sights on opening further pubs outside the capital with acquisitions in Bristol and Cambridge.