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JDW boss: Under-18s drinking in pubs could help to stop binge drinking

By Nikkie Sutton , 08-Nov-2016
Last updated on 09-Nov-2016 at 13:02 GMT2016-11-09T13:02:49Z

Controversial: the JDW boss is well-known for his outspoken views
Controversial: the JDW boss is well-known for his outspoken views

JDW boss Tim Martin has said 16 and 17-year-olds being able to legally drink in pubs could help prevent binge drinking.

He explained it is better for those approaching the legal drinking age to drink in a “supervised environment” rather than somewhere that isn’t supervised.

He added: “Most people feel that it is better for people to start drinking in the company of adults in a place which is a supervised environment, like a pub, than to start drinking at teenage parties.


“Though there isn’t a panacea for binge drinking, I think people drinking in good pubs has been a civilising influence.

“A dozen years ago, everyone [who is now] over the age of 35, including policemen, judges and MPs, started drinking in pubs when they were 16.

Martin told The Morning Advertiser different groups of customers meeting in pubs can bring people together.

He said: “Drinking in pubs has been important in breaking down the social barriers over the centuries and I think if young people get out of the habit of going to the pubs, it would have a negative impact on profits and social occasions.”


The JDW chairman is well-known for his controversial beliefs and accused EU leaders of “bullying” the UK following the country’s decision to leave the union.

Shortly after the Brexit outcome of the EU referendum was announced, Martin led the celebrations of ‘Leave’ campaigners in the industry and hailed the results as a day that would ‘enhance freedom and security’.

However, Martin became a hot topic for something other than Brexit in September after he announced the pubco would be offering staff on zero-hours contracts the opportunity to work guaranteed hours


Should 16 and 17-year-olds be allowed to drink legally in pubs?

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