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New lap-dancing body launched

By Ewan Turney , 21-Apr-2008

New lap-dancing body launched

A new trade association for lap dancing clubs is launched in a bid to distance the industry from the sleazy image of drugs and prostitution

A new trade association for lap, table and pole dancing clubs has been launched in a bid to distance the industry from the sleazy image of drugs and prostitution.

The aim of the Lap Dancing Association (LDA) will be to create an influential voice and develop a Code of Practice for the industry.

Its members include branded chains such as For Your Eyes Only and Spearmint Rhino, as well as independent outlets.

The LDA will also campaign for a more effective and appropriate regulatory environment for clubs in the UK.

"The establishment of a national trade body is a sign that the sector has come of age," said Spearmint Rhino president and chairman of the new association Simon Warr.

"Our industry is made up of many hundreds of independent operators and to date they have lacked a unified voice and forum for sharing best practice.

"The LDA now provides that."

Code of practice

All members of the LDA will be required to sign up to a Code of Practice, which sets minimum standards for responsible operators.

The LDA will be campaigning for the Code to become required as part of an operating plan for all businesses wishing to provide adult entertainment and for adult entertainment to be separately regulated within the Licensing Act.

"We hope that the LDA's Code of Practice will become the minimum required operating standards imposed by the Licensing Authority when a licence for adult entertainment is granted," he added.

"Operating in accordance with the code will demonstrate a high level of professionalism and show that clubs recognise their responsibility towards their staff, dancers, customers and local community.

"We want to distance our industry from the sleazy image of drugs and prostitution."