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MP calls for ban on liquid nitrogen cocktails following Gaby Scanlon tragedy

By Michelle Perrett , 15-Oct-2012
Last updated on 15-Oct-2012 at 10:20 GMT2012-10-15T10:20:55Z

MP calls for ban on liquid nitrogen cocktails following Gaby Scanlon tragedy

An MP is calling on parliament to consider a ban on liquid nitrogen cocktails following the tragedy of Gaby Scanlon who had her stomach removed after drinking on her 18th birthday celebrations.

David Morris, the Tory MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, has written to the Prime Minister, health secretary Jeremy Hunt, and to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) calling for their support for the ban.

Morris MP said: “I am very angry that one of my constituents has been injured by Liquid Nitrogen and as far as I am concerned that is one constituent too many. Parliament returns following recess this week and I will be assessing the options to make Parliament aware of what has happened to Gaby and I will ask MP’s to consider banning liquid Nitrogen drinks before someone else is injured or even killed.”

The FSA is currently advising people not to drink liquid nitrogen. On its website it said: “its extreme cold temperature makes it unsafe for people to drink and eat because the human body is unable to cope with such a cold internal temperature.”

According to reports Gaby Scanlon fell ill when she drank two £8.95 nitro Jägermeister drinks at Oscar’s wine bar in Lancaster. It is claimed that the created a “frozen bomb”, burning away her stomach tissue.

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