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Al Murray the Pub Landlord needs your support

From The Publican

By Matt Eley Matt , 04-Feb-2011

Pub Landlord Al Murray is attempting to sell more crisps for Comic Relief than fellow comedians Jimmy Carr, Stephen Fry and Frank Skinner.


And The Publican has vowed to help the funnyman maximise sales of Steak and Al Pie by encouraging licensees to back his efforts.


In an exclusive interview he reveals why pubs should get behind him and his thoughts on being waxed live on TV by Denise Van Outen should he fail to win.


Why should pubs make an extra effort to sell more Steak and Al Pie than other flavours?


Because they are the perfect pub snack - they are an amazing blend of two pub favourites - Steak and Ale pie, and crisps. What else could you want?


And don't forget, crisps are an essential part of the circle of pub-life - the crisps make you thirsty, so you have a beer, the beer makes you hungry so you have the crisps, the crisps make you thirsty so you have a beer... you get the picture. One of the few occasions on which eating isn't cheating.


Have you already started to sabotage your fellow comics?


Well rumour has it (and it's a rumour I've started) that Jimmy Carr is going round buying his crisps with his ill-gotten Channel 4 gains.


In general, what advice would he give to the licensees or Britain to be successful?


Dig in deep and hang on in there. In the end people need somewhere to go to escape their families. Gimmicks like free nuts on the bar are no use as they're impossible to police.


Are you secretly looking forward to the prospect of being waxed by Denise Van Outen?


If it has to be anyone it might as well be her. But hair is scarce, so I hope she's gentle.


Support Al Murray the pub landlord in the Walkers Clash of the Comics as he battles to make his 'Steak and Al Pie' flavour crisps a winner and raise over £1 million for Red Nose Day. For more info go to

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