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Pete Brown: Pulling pints pulls in votes

With a general election looming, beer writer Pete Brown looks at how politicians have always tried to show they are in touch with the common man by being seen supping from a pint pot.

Vote pullers? (From left) Labour's Ed Miliband, Lib Dem's Nick Clegg, the Tories' David Cameron & UKIP's Nigel Farage

Pete Brown: Sexism turns industry ugly

14-Jan-2015 - It’s time to speak out against antiquated and offensive views says Pete Brown.

Pete Brown: A lesson in UK pub etiquette

03-Dec-2014 - Pete Brown finds the funny side of customs at British pubs - and tries to explain them to an American.

Low alcohol beers: Back for good?

02-Dec-2014 - Many have turned their noses up at the idea of low-alcohol beers in the past. Pete Brown takes a look at how such tipples may be back to stay this...

Changing of the beer guard

24-Nov-2014 - Pete Brown finds that you can't assume you are one of the best brewing nations in the world. You have to prove it.

Celebrating a fruitful cause

06-Nov-2014 - Get the core details right and you could reap the benefits of commemorating the UK's Apple Day.

Big boys hit craft beer trail

22-Oct-2014 - Writer Pete Brown has just finished a trade show tour in which he had the enviable job of telling people exactly what he thinks about beer.

Pete Brown: Hop to it - get planting

09-Oct-2014 - UK hops may have looked in terminal decline a couple of decades back but, as Pete Brown finds, the future's looking rosy for Homulus lupulus.

A new sense of hope and purpose around pubs

10-Sep-2014 - Pete Brown looks at why pubs being valued as community assets gives reasons to be both concerned and optimistic.

Forget the debates, let's just drink to good beer

22-Aug-2014 - Pete Brown reflects on changing attitudes at - and of - the Great British Beer Festival.

Learn to be a bit more (Brew)dog

30-Jul-2014 - BrewDog is streets ahead of other bars with its edgy but welcoming style, Pete Brown pops in.

The beer world is like a big family

16-Jul-2014 - Thornbridge’s Peak District beer festival highlights community values at their best. Pete Brown enjoys a spot of camping and discovers more.

The drive for profit is killing pubs

03-Jul-2014 - Developers are destroying the very thing people want to buy into – Britain’s quirky charm, argues Pete Brown.

Not the time to be unclear about cask beer

24-Jun-2014 - Cask ales have come a long way but, to ensure it doesn’t revert back to its fusty past, education of staff and customers is key, argues Pete Brown.

Dismiss craft beer at your peril

11-Jun-2014 - How a newspaper article predicting the imminent decline of ‘trendy’ brews left Pete Brown hopping mad.

My round... what you having?

20-May-2014 - Come on, it’s a simple enough question. Or is it? asks Pete Brown.

Beer and music simply belong together

07-May-2014 - The overlapping influences of our senses play a key role in our choices of drinks and music, says Pete Brown.

Don’t be scared of niche beer

25-Apr-2014 - Some brewers and retailers still think drinkers need to be eased in gently when trying craft brews. Not so, argues Pete Brown.

Speak up if you're suffering

11-Apr-2014 - Depressed and overworked licensees should seek help, argues Pete Brown.

Ham is where the heart is for dynamic duo

28-Mar-2014 - Pete Brown reports on why Anthony and Clare Kitching’s splendidly simple cheese and charcuterie outlet - Friends of Ham - is a winner.

The trade is alive and kicking

18-Mar-2014 - The number of pub closures may be on the up but innovation is rife in the industry, says Pete Brown.

Happy 10th birthday £21bn alcohol cost estimate!

28-Feb-2014 - The figure for the so-called 'cost of alcohol' to the UK economy is simply a will-o’-the-wisp, says Pete Brown.

The US sure has a thirst for cider

13-Feb-2014 - Ever the professional, Pete Brown misses out on ‘cider karaoke’ in Chicago to share his thoughts on the US craft cider scene.

Wetherspoon's motorway pub is a PR own goal for the industry

30-Jan-2014 - JDW’s new motorway site does not help in the fight to portray pubs in a positive light, argues Pete Brown.

Why my Dry January means I'm Publican Enemy No.1

17-Jan-2014 - Pete Brown prepares reluctantly to take on the role of the trade’s devil incarnate.