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Treating beer with the respect and irreverence it deserves since 2003. Dubbed the "Beer drinkers Bill Bryson", and author of four best-selling books, Pete is the current Beer Writer of the Year and has his own blog

Speak up if you're suffering

11-Apr-2014 - Depressed and overworked licensees should seek help, argues Pete Brown.

Ham is where the heart is for dynamic duo

28-Mar-2014 - Pete Brown reports on why Anthony and Clare Kitching’s splendidly simple cheese and charcuterie outlet - Friends of Ham - is a winner.

The trade is alive and kicking

18-Mar-2014 - The number of pub closures may be on the up but innovation is rife in the industry, says Pete Brown.

Happy 10th birthday £21bn alcohol cost estimate!

28-Feb-2014 - The figure for the so-called 'cost of alcohol' to the UK economy is simply a will-o’-the-wisp, says Pete Brown.

The US sure has a thirst for cider

13-Feb-2014 - Ever the professional, Pete Brown misses out on ‘cider karaoke’ in Chicago to share his thoughts on the US craft cider scene.

Wetherspoon's motorway pub is a PR own goal for the industry

30-Jan-2014 - JDW’s new motorway site does not help in the fight to portray pubs in a positive light, argues Pete Brown.

Why my Dry January means I'm Publican Enemy No.1

17-Jan-2014 - Pete Brown prepares reluctantly to take on the role of the trade’s devil incarnate.

’Tis the season of good beer

05-Dec-2013 - Last week I was talking to a friend who works as a wine critic for a national newspaper. She was excited because she was on her way to the Liberty’s Christmas Shop to buy stuff for a photo shoot for a Christmas wines feature. It’s a job she does every year, and I got the sense that, for her, this was the start of Christmas.

The Alma eviction: A community’s heart is broken

21-Nov-2013 - The final weekend at the Alma on Newington Green was fairly typical. As a wet November Sunday gave in to an early dusk, the main bar filled. The large family birthday party, complete with surprisingly well-behaved toddlers, was getting ready to move on, their seats enviously eyed by newly arrived late afternoon drinkers.

How pubs can seize the day

07-Nov-2013 - Something is troubling me about my regular days in town when, between meetings, I need to find somewhere to sit and tap out emails for an hour or so. Increasingly, I’m finding that pubs are shut before 4pm or 5pm, says Pete Brown.

The craft at the core of cider

25-Oct-2013 - The best way forward for the cider category is to reveal the magic of premium brands, argues Pete Brown.

Mancs for the memories

15-Oct-2013 - How JW Lees got innovative and turned to a group of cool, anorak-clad dancers to help promote Manchester Pale Ale.

Why cask ale is the foundation of a great pub offer

04-Oct-2013 - The latest Cask Report presents yet more evidence for the importance of cask ale, says Pete Brown.

The Good Pub Guide does pubs a great disservice

06-Sep-2013 - Pete Brown takes the Good Pub Guide editors to task over their controversial claims on pub closures

(Beer) gardens of earthly delight

23-Aug-2013 - Making the best of your pub’s outside spaces shouldn’t be limited to when the sun decides to shine, says Pete Brown.

Let There Be Beer campaign is a reminder for us all to celebrate beer

29-Jul-2013 - Despite a couple of flaws, Pete Brown says the thinking behind a new campaign that glories in the magic of beer is spot-on.

10 out of 10 for Acorn Brewery

15-Jul-2013 - Pete Brown takes a trip back to South Yorkshire to celebrate Acorn Brewery's 10-year anniversary.

The paradox of premium fruit ciders

01-Jul-2013 - The PMA’s feature on cider the other week reminded me of a conversation I had recently with one of the most talented bar managers I’ve ever met. She runs a craft-beer bar, and whenever someone comes in and asks for a fruit cider, she wants to say (but doesn’t, because she’s very good): “Yes, we’ve got some lovely ciders made out of APPLES. They’re a fruit, you know?”

A tough gig with the Nutty Boys

21-Jun-2013 - Pete Brown recalls how his hosting skills were tested to the limit at a beer launch with Madness

Why Bruce is a bonus for beer

03-Jun-2013 - Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson has turned his talents to beer by linking up with Robinsons to create a delicious new brew. Pete Brown hits the road to find out more.

Avoid the gloom, hail the pubs

20-May-2013 - The reaction to the latest pub-closure stats was negative and, in some cases, short-sighted, says Pete Brown. We must accentuate the positives and remind people what’s great about the pub.

Forget the feuds, love the beer

06-May-2013 - We should celebrate the diversity of the beers we have and not get caught up in needless debates, Pete Brown argues.

Embracing new ideas with Brains Brewery

22-Apr-2013 - Brains’ micro ‘test plant’ is allowing free rein for experimentation. Pete Brown gets stuck in.

Fighting the new evil of binge-drinking scare stories

09-Apr-2013 - Why must we put up with this relentless tide of poorly-researched scare stories about binge drinking, asks Pete Brown.

No, cider is NOT the new beer

25-Mar-2013 - The misinterpretation of Mintel’s cider category research left me wanting to cry into my pint, says Pete Brown.


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Speak up if you're suffering

Speak up if you're suffering

Depressed and overworked licensees should seek help, argues Pete Brown.