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The MA’s Cider Guide 2018

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The MA’s Cider Guide 2018

The MA’s Cider Guide 2018 is an engaging document packed full of information around the world of cider. Covering content from what the market is like for a craft cider brewer, right through to bottled products retreat from draughts’ recent uprising, this guide will well and truly give you a fascinating insight into the trends and tips in the cider marketplace of today.

Download this guide for facts, figures and opinions around the current global cider market, find out what’s hot and what’s not, and ultimately boost your trade by making use of the insight. Some highlights of the supplement include:

  • Cider Category Report
  • Cider trends update
  • Small cider producers
  • The US Market
  • Cans – packaging hero

Find out more useful insights into the cider trade by downloading this exclusive PDF today.

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