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Alan Bowes L&E chairman
Alan Bowes L&E chairman
New documentary claims smoke ban will be lethal to children

L&E film claims 'Blair Will Kill Children'

London and Edinburgh Inns chairman Alan Bowes is filming a hard-hitting TV documentary that claims increasing numbers of children will die of passive smoking at home thanks to the pub and club ban.

Provisionally titled Blair Will Kill Children​, the film says smokers will be forced to smoke more at home, thus destroying their children's health.

Domestic violence

Home consumption of alcohol will also rise, fuelling domestic violence, Bowes claims in the film.

"I hope this film will be quickly picked up by one of the main broadcasting companies and shown at peak time to warn people of the harm Government will do to our children," ​said Bowes.


"If we can get that message across to the general public, then perhaps the bans in England and Scotland can be delayed while we think things through a bit better."

Bowes believes his action will be more effective than relying on lobbying by trade bodies.

"The ALMR does a good job given how little money it has - but is just not effective. We need others in the trade to be doing more if we're ever to succeed in influencing Government."Your Comments​ Ellie via email 20/03/2006"This is what we have been saying all along. I submitted a paper to the committee when they were gathering information prior to bringing in a ban, my main concern being that if smoking is to be prohibited in licensed premises then we stand to have groups of smokers returning to the home where they will drink more, smoke all over the kids, fire risks, rise in domestic violence etc... Guess what? nobody wanted to listen.

This is a law for the middle classes who give not two stuffs for the working class family.

Hope the film is aired at prime time as Alan Bowes said.

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