FLVA calls for pubs code helpline

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Michelle Swan said the Government should fund the helpline using part of the cash levied from pubcos
Michelle Swan said the Government should fund the helpline using part of the cash levied from pubcos
The Federation of Licensed Victuallers Association (FLVA) is calling on the Government to introduce an industry helpline to provide support to licensees on the changes laid out in the statutory pubs code.

New FLVA president Michelle Dwan, who was appointed at the organisation’s annual conference earlier this month, said the Government should fund the helpline using part of the cash levied from pubcos to pay for the new pubs adjudicator.

She said the helpline would ideally be in place before the pubs code is implemented and could be manned by members of the FLVA management committee, or others in the trade, “as long as it is run by people who have expertise about the pub industry,” she told the PMA​.

“It can’t be a call centre where tenants are given other people’s telephone numbers and are told to go here, there and everywhere. It has to be run by people who know everything there is to know about the pub industry and can answer questions and give advice there and then,” she said.

Speaking at the FLVA conference earlier this month, Dwan, who is licensee of the Magnet in Castleford, Yorkshire, warned that pub companies will see the market rent-only option as “diluting their income, so beware”.

“Beware of what will likely be a higher rent, for uncertainty of liquor volume sales,” she said.

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Yellow Unions

Posted by karl harrison,

The FLVA is a wildly compromised organisation that would have been referred to as a 'yellow union' in times gone by - bought and paid for by the corporates. I can imagine the pubcos thinking it would be a great wheeze to have its own people on the end of a helpline misleading and misadvising tenants about the code. Its the sort of thing we've seen before from the likes of the BII. The first piece of advice the BII should always have given was "don't take a tied lease". The former CEO, Neil Robertson, told me that the only thing a pubco lease was good for was helping someone to understand that they shouldn't take on another one. Please don't listen to the FLVA.

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FLVA is irrelevant

Posted by Multiple Operator,

What FLVA thinks is frankly irrelevant. This is not the first time they have displayed their "thoughts" in public. They are outdated by name, by deed, by thought.
Lets wait and see what legislation we get before these vultures start to circle the corpse of the pub trade.

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Posted by david,

I assume if a customer of any helpline service requires further (fee-earning) professional assistance, they are at liberty to choose who provides it.

Presumably, having received the initial advice, a user of the M&C helpline service then wanting to ring around for quotes for fee-earning services could avail themselves of a list from the FLVA. Perhaps M&C will be amongst those on such a list.

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