10 ways not to serve pub food #WeWantPlates

By James Beeson

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Trend: what is wrong with just serving pub food on a plate?
Trend: what is wrong with just serving pub food on a plate?

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Gastropubs and hipster bars have stolen our plates, and people aren't at all happy about it. 

There once was a time when food in pubs was served up in a similar way to food at home; on nice, circular plates with knifes and forks, and maybe the occasional spoon.

Unfortunately, that time has now passed, and while a little bit of creativity from pubs with their food offerings ought to be encouraged, there is definitely a list of vessels that ought to never be used to present food for human consumption. 

From the slightly quirky to the downright bizarre, here are 11 ways you really shouldn't be serving food in your pub in 2017, courtesy of @WeWantPlates.

1. Beer cans filled with gravy

There are so many questions...  

2. Chips in dustbins 

See also: mini chip fryers, shopping trolleys and ramekins.

3. Breakfast in a jam jar

It's just not very appetising, is it?

4. 'Home-grown' battered prawns

Someone took 'surf and turf' a bit too literally.

5. Half a haggis

Lets just hope nobody is playing God Save The Queen​ in this pub.

6. Bathtub toast

Needlessly over-complicated.

7. 'Skewered' chicken

Not the kind of thing you'd want to be messing around with after a few pints.

8. Bacon on a washing line

Air-dried bacon?

9. Ashtray dessert

Is that even hygienic?

10. On an ordinary plate

Because who on earth would want that? 

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