Burger bar's tirade at internet reviewers

By Nikkie Sutton

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Feisty feedback: The Burger Bros site has responded to critics on TripAdvisor (pic credit: John Baker)
Feisty feedback: The Burger Bros site has responded to critics on TripAdvisor (pic credit: John Baker)

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A Kent bar has hit back at TripAdvisor reviews calling one user a “fantasist”, another “opinionated, rude and ignorant” and one other user “insane”.

The ‘manager’ of The Burger Bros American Eatery, Dover, responded to various reviews users had left on the review website.

In May, user 'Mark H' left a review about lunch at the bar and complained about a reduced Sunday menu.

The review said: “Sat outside for 20 minutes before finding out (not being told) that we had to order inside.

“Then finding out that on a Sunday, they have a reduced burger menu. Some 15 minutes after ordering and sitting outside, they brought the drinks and starters.

“Out of the 10 burgers they usually do, on a Sunday they have three burgers available. Not what you expected for a ‘burger’ restaurant.

“The Sunday roast was 'OK' at best and the service was terrible. Not recommended.”

The Burger Bros ‘manager’, called 'DealWhistler' said: “We remember you. You were not a polite person – opinionated, rude, ignorant and misplaced arrogance.

“We don’t respond well to people who are rude. You didn’t come to us to seek enjoyment, you came to ridicule us, pick holes and judge us based on your own limited knowledge of what food, drink and service should be.

“You’d like to see us fail but we won’t give you the satisfaction, so go back to the pub you came from and stay there."

Tastefully decorated

The response continued: “Luckily, we’ve had lots of regulars and new customers who enjoy what we do and we will continue to do our best to stand out and shine our light for all the right reasons.”

Last month (July), one user called 'Isher M' said: “Didn’t even make it inside! It looked awful from the outside – three tables sat in the centre of plant pots full of weeds.

“Last summer was full of people sitting outside on a sunny afternoon. The sun was out, no people at all and it looked filthy.

“Considering the first time we went in there he was closing at 9pm because he didn’t want any riff-raff in there.

“Not at £9 for a vodka and lemonade. Does nobody know about first impressions here? It’s a prime spot now – just looks like the rest of Dover. I’m going back to Canterbury.”

DealWhistler responded: “If you’d actually taken the time to come inside, you’d have noted that it is tastefully decorated, but you didn’t.

“I don’t know how you came to the conclusion we serve a vodka and lemonade for £9 if you never even stepped inside, that’s just ridiculous.

“If you’re going on first impressions, my first impression of you is that you’re a fantasist.”

Also in July, another user called 'Lassieandflipper' said: “Came in, waited 10 minutes for service, no staff in sight.

“Went around to the side of the bar to alert staff… verbally abused by the owner ‘for daring’ to enter the bar area.

“I have never been treated like this in my 74 years. My friend and I left… felt threatened as he continued to shout and yell as we left.”

Interesting characters

The manager replied: “Lady, you are insane! You and your friend are some of the most interesting characters I have met in Dover since being here.

“I was walking from the bar into the kitchen to get food to take out to the restaurant, I wasn’t even gone 30 seconds, and then when picking up the food and entering back into the bar area, I was confronted by you and your sidekick friend, who had entered the bar area and then walked down into the kitchen area and then started tearing strips off me because I wasn’t there when you walked in!

“Quite frankly, it was as if two ghosts appeared out of nowhere. Ghosts with bad attitudes and wicked tongues.

“I wasn’t angry with you, I was shocked and taken back by the fact that you thought it was OK to just enter a forbidden area and then have a go at me in the process.

“At first I thought I was on Candid Camera​. Your behaviour was so extreme I thought it was a wind-up. But no, it was real. Just another normal day in Dover.

“Go and scare someone else. I’m certain you shouldn’t be allowed in public, and I don’t believe no one has spoken to you like that in 74 years, because if that’s how you normally behave in public, then you and your friend need a crash-course in manners.

“My dear old nan, god rest her soul, would be turning in her grave if she witnessed what I saw. But, at 74, what can one say?

“I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But I think I’ll go with the laugh. A maniacal laugh. If there are any writers out there that need any material for a book or comedy sketch, please get in touch. I have some stories for you.”

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