Publicans ‘can slash 75% off wastage with beer dispenser’

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Green light: Heineken claims its SmartDispense system can help licensees reduce energy consumption
Green light: Heineken claims its SmartDispense system can help licensees reduce energy consumption
Heineken’s beer dispenser claims to cut wastage by 75%, saving licensees about 12,000 pints of water a year and delivering the ‘perfect pint’ at the correct temperature every time.

Since its introduction in 2013, Heineken's SmartDispense – the first green draught cooling system in the UK – has helped publicans save money, pour their customers a better pint and become more sustainable at the same time.

Following a successful trial a year earlier, the brewer recruited a team of six specialists in draught dispensing to support its sales team in getting SmartDispense to customers nationwide.

Enhanced trend

Now, more than 2,000 outlets have introduced the system at pubs, hotels and restaurants across the UK.

Furthermore, in just five years, the technology is said to have saved 72m pints of water and conserved 207 tonnes of CO2 (the equivalent required to pour 43m pints).

Pubs across the UK will now be able to shout about their green credentials with the launch of the Green Pint – a new in-pub campaign that “educates and inspires” consumers to make conscious choices about the pints they drink.

And it seems consumers and operators alike have already taken a liking to the sustainable technology.

Point of difference

With a primary focus on environmental credentials, the new scheme will give SmartDispense pubs a “clear point of difference” in consumers’ minds.

Heineken UK SmartDispense sales director Phil Gray explained research suggests that over 90% of the energy used to maintain the temperature in a pub's cellar is wasted.

“SmartDispense not only saves you time and effort, it also saves you water and energy,” boasted Gray.

“These savings, coupled with colder, more consistent and quality pints leads to happier and more loyal consumers – helping customers sell more.

“SmartDispense and the launch of the Green Pint represents just one initiative enabling licensees to tap into this booming trend.”


According to Gray, the new technology has “revolutionised” the way draught cider and beer is stored and served in pubs and bars across Britain.

The unique cooling and insulation in the system from the key to tag keeps cider and beer below 3°C, thus keeping it fresh for longer.

Summarising, Gray explained that SmartDispense gives its technicians the chance to clean lines every four weeks, as opposed to once a week using a standard system, therefore, saving time and water.

“What’s more, consumers can be safe in the knowledge that not only are they enjoying a great drink, they are also helping to save the planet, one pint at a time,” concluded Gray.

“SmartDispense is helping Heineken achieve this goal by reducing waste while giving its customers incentives to grow their businesses in a sustainable way.”

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