Pork scratchings get a vegan overhaul

By Robert Mann

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Pigging out: Vegan Pig has created a meat-free pork scratching in what it claims is a UK first
Pigging out: Vegan Pig has created a meat-free pork scratching in what it claims is a UK first
Pub snack staple – pork scratchings – are the latest unlikely foodstuff to get a vegan makeover.

The new-style snack, made by start-up brand Vegan Pig, is a meat-free alternative to pork scratchings.

After wondering what a vegan version would taste like, Josh Pearce and Sean Johnson – who both work in marketing – came up with the idea to bring the thought to fruition.

UK first

Pearce told The Morning Advertiser ​his enthusiasm behind the snack in what he claims is a “UK first”.

“A couple of years ago, we were sat in a pub chowing down on a delicious pack of pork scratchings and joked about what a vegan version might taste like,” he recalled.

“Curiosity got the better of us, so we began research whether such a product existed.

“There were some vegan ‘pork rind’ products in the US that tasted and crunched like a stale prawn cracker, but nothing that had the delicious dual texture of both crunchy and soft – nothing that came close to a proper scratching.”

Made by flash-frying soy pieces, the meat-free pub snack is seasoned with a dash of “secret" spice mix.

Perfect timing

It also has what resembles crispy skin edges with softer fat, but without the unappealing factor of the occasional strand of hair poking out.

Pearce added that, with so many pubs now providing vegan options, the snack has come at the “perfect time”.

“This idea was born in the pub and that’s where we want it to grow up,” enthused Pearce.

“We live in a world of people who seek new food experiences, but are also conscious about where their food comes from and the effect it has on their body, as well as the environment.

“We think that Vegan Pig will appeal to pubgoers who really love eating meat, but feel like they should cut down – this is for them.”

On-trade target

Summarising, Pearce said that the duo are seeking to roll out the meat-free snack across pubs up and down the country.

“Our scratchings have a salty, crunchy skin layer, a soft crumby layer that melts in your mouth and, for a vegan product, it tastes surprisingly meaty,” he concluded.

“Our mission is to be the world’s first proper meat-free alternative to the humble pork scratching, sold in every pub in the UK.

“It’s going to be hard, but it’s a great challenge to set ourselves and it’s super exciting.”

The scratchings are expected to go on sale in independent pubs in the autumn.

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