Action needed now on energy crisis

By Ed Bedington

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Government needs to act on energy challenge for pub sector

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In the 1920s there were pictures of German consumers wheeling barrows full of cash to pay for a loaf of bread.

The way things are going, pub and bar operators are going to need to hire some tipper trucks to pay the electricity companies their inflated rates. 

And yet the supposed people in charge sit on their hands (or on the beach) and do nothing, too focused on internal power squabble and nursing grudges than to actually do anything to help resolve a major crisis.

The pub and bar sector is seeing unacceptable increases in energy prices to the extent where operators are starting to walk away from previously viable businesses. Businesses that employ people, businesses that play an important role in communities that are also struggling to make ends meet.

These aren't operators that are living on the edge either. These are successful and award winning businesses that are finding themselves on the cliff edge.

And it’s not just pubs being impacted, it’s businesses across the board that are being hammered while our government is paralysed and taking its time to pick the least two worst options of a pretty poor choice to start with. (And we all know they’re going to pick the worst of those two options as well).

Whoever takes over the reins of number ten may well find themselves in charge of an imploding economy with businesses collapsing left right and centre and major unemployment. At this rate we run the risk of losing some of the best pubs in the country, yet nothing is happening.

The only action that so far has been taken, as far as I can see, is the Bank of England increasing the interest rates… great move that - even an economic numpty like me can tell you that’s only adding to the problems, not resolving them.

The Government needs to tackle the energy crisis as a priority before the situation gets any worse, or we run the risk of seeing wholesale collapse. Maybe Boris could cut a holiday short and make his legacy something a little more worthwhile than expensive wallpaper, lies and partying.

Meanwhile, I’m off to invest in some wheelbarrows and tipper trucks.

  • We're running a short poll of pub and bar operators to get their views on the energy crisis. Share your thoughts here​.

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