Meet the brand: Thatchers Cider - Serve up the right range and keep your customers coming back for more

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Meet the brand Thatchers Cider stocking in pubs

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There are untapped opportunities for pubs and bars to unlock by choosing the right cider range to suit your customers.

With four generations of cider making expertise – our family has been making cider since 1904 – Thatchers Cider knows a thing or two about making cider, especially premium ciders that appeal to today’s drinkers. With our ethos of making great cider sustainably, our family is hands-on at our Myrtle Farm home, ensuring every pint of cider meets our own high expectations of perfection. From our flagship brand Gold, to our sought-after Fusion flavours, Thatchers is the cider brand you can trust.

We believe the key to cider success in every pub or bar is offering your customers a range synonymous with consistent quality. Ensuring a perfect, premium serve every pint will maximise rate of sale and keep your customers coming back for more.

So when choosing your cider selection, make sure it’s the brand people want to see. Thatchers.

Getting your range right

We make it our mission to bring great tasting ciders with character to pubs, bars and retail stores across the UK. And as a result, we’re the cider maker who has grown the most by welcoming more consumers to our brands than any other over the last three years.1

We know how important it is to work closely with our customers to get your range right for your drinkers.

Whether a high tempo outlet or country pub, it’s important to offer a choice of cider styles.

Apple cider accounts for 3 out of every 4 draught cider serves 2​, with premium brands showing the strongest growth, so you see how vital it is to make the best choice with one or two taps on the bar.

The right range with the right profile will help maximise revenue from every visit too, as you’re able to set a higher price point for premium and premium plus ciders across both apple and flavoured styles, now in increasing demand by consumers.   

What you need to know

Thatchers Gold​ with its smooth, golden appearance, appley aroma and refreshing taste, will generate more cash in the till for you with its highest rate of sale 3​, than any other apple cider.

Supported by high profile marketing throughout the year, Thatchers Gold is always front of mind with your customers.

The popularity of crisp and sweet Thatchers Haze​ has made it by far the UK’s best-selling cloudy apple cider. Thatchers Haze is a top 5 apple cider and appeals to those looking for a lighter flavour and softer character cider.

For fruit cider lovers, Thatchers Fusion ​elevates innovation – and our award-winning Blood Orange Cider – right to the bar and unmissable for your customers. With its innovative, stand-out font, it infuses our specially crafted Fusion apple cider with one of three exciting flavours, at the point of purchase. The experience, flavour, aroma and character of our Blood Orange, Cloudy Lemon and Dark Berry ciders is like nothing else on the market.

And with our alcohol-free Thatchers Zero​ in the fridge – you’re providing a cider range that not only appeals to your cider loving customers, but for those eager to explore the category too.

Repeat purchase

With our premium range of ciders you can be confident you’re serving the brands that will excite your customers and generate repeat purchase. We can help you understand your customers and plan your cider range, so you benefit from the untapped opportunities that lie within this exciting category.

If you’re interested in stocking ciders from Thatchers, get in touch here​.

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