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'I don't feel represented'

By Ed Bedington

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Top chef and pub and bistro operator Gary Usher calls for more passion from lobbyists, greater support for independent businesses, a reduction in VAT and talks about the challenges around recruitment in the MA's Review of the Week.

The operator of the White Horse in Churton, Cheshire, said the trading situation was challenging, and that he felt lobbying groups and trade associations were not effectively representing his business, or other independent operators.

"Personally, when I look at who is representing us, and how they are represented, I don't feel included in that. What is lobbyed for, and how we're represented, I feel we get lost," he said. "It's easy to fight for the big corps and pubcos, but there's thousands of independents that make up hospitality and personally I feel we need a broader representation."

He added that while he recognised that lobbying is being done on reducing VAT, he would like to see a bit more "passion".

"I'd like to see people going for the Government passionately, and standing up for us more. I don't see the passion that should be there, fighting for it."

He pointed to the takeaway beer announcement by the Government being welcomed: "Most independents would say this, that does absolutely nothing for us. For our representatives to be thanking Government, any independent would laugh at that. That's not what we need, we need so much more than that."

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