Back apprentices who are the future of the sector

Apprentices are taking the industry forward: BBPA chief executive Emma McClarkin
Apprentices are taking the industry forward: BBPA chief executive Emma McClarkin

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As National Apprenticeship Week 2024 draws to a close, we once again raise a glass to celebrate integral role of apprentices in the UK’s vibrant and dynamic hospitality industry.

In the beer and pub sector, apprenticeships aren't just paths to a career; they are the lifeblood that sustains the unique charm and character of hospitality in this country and as any publican or brewer will tell you, it isn’t just a job. It is a doorway to a fulfilling and fast-moving profession. It’s a calling. In hospitality, every pint poured tells a story, every plate served doesn’t just carry your favourite chunky chips, it carries the essence of skill and passion, often years in the making.

From moisture testing grain to crafting the perfect pint in labs, to learning how to pour the perfect pint, apprentices are the architects shaping the future of our pubs, they’re the pillars of our communities; the people behind the pint.

Apprentices aren’t just students; they are carrying a torch for both British tradition and innovation, they’re taking the first step to carry forward a legacy that spans centuries for pubs, and millennia for brewers.

Real and tangible skills

And one of the best things about apprenticeships is that they’re not just a means of education; they are engines that drive our local economies forward. When we talk about apprenticeships, we’re not talking about essays submitted and never thought of again, we’re talking about skills, real and tangible skills that create welcoming atmospheres, innovative technologies, new beers. 

The pub, with its rich and long tapestry of stories, is a testament not just to the resilience and adaptability of our hospitality industry. But it’s a testament to publicans who continue to provide a warm and inclusive year after year, generation after generation, of brewers who maintain iconic and ancient recipes on the one hand and make new, innovative beers on the other, and of course to the punters who fuel that business and innovation.

Apprenticeships have a distinct ability to inject fresh energy into our industry across a wide range of roles, whether that is front of house, back of house or part of the central functions that support the business. They ensure our pubs evolve and adapt without losing the soul that defines them. It's a journey where mentorship and hands-on experience create professionals who not only understand the industry but lead it into the future. 

Deeds not words

We want to see more flexibility in the apprenticeship levy because we want more apprentices in our sector, we know how valuable they are. We want to see an expansion of Youth Mobility Scheme and improvements to immigration system structures to support pub and brewing businesses, of all sizes, to efficiently recruit chefs and other key roles they desperately need.

The great British pub needs deeds not words. So, let us champion apprenticeships in hospitality, particularly in pubs and the breweries that support them.

And as National Apprenticeship Week draws to a close, let us raise a glass to the apprentices, who preserve traditions while embracing progress.

In doing so, we not only nurture talent but safeguard the vibrant, welcoming, and cherished hubs of our communities – pubs.

One well-balanced, well-pulled pint at a time.

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