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Tap into the growing demand for cocktails to drive sales this summer

Consumers are on the lookout for quality drinks, particularly over the summer months and demand for cocktails is on the rise. This presents the perfect opportunity for pub and bar operators to drive sales through trade-up opportunities. Operators can experiment with a variety of fruity and fresh flavours as well as offer popular classics. Key occasions, such as bank holidays, will also see an uplift in footfall and therefore offer an additional occasion to maximise sales.

With the cocktail market in Great Britain now worth £686m in value – an increase of +132.1% on last year1​  – pub and bar operators should tap into this growing opportunity by offering a varied range of cocktails. Aperol Spritz, Margaritas and sparkling cocktails are growing in popularity,2​ so it’s key for operators to bear this in mind when creating their menus. Mixers such as Britvic Pink Raspberry Tonic and London Essence, which offer a wide range of flavours, can make a big difference to your drink, allowing operators to experiment and get creative with their cocktail recipes.

40% of consumers are driven by the quality of brands available,3​ like Britvic Mixers. While millennials are the most willing to trade up when buying cocktails.4​ Operators should consider garnishes and glassware in order to help drive sales. To tap into the demand for premium cocktails, operators should consider offering serves such as Elderflower Royale, a refreshing drink for a hot summer’s day. The regal cocktail contains the botanical notes of Britvic’s Elderflower Tonic and is made with Chambord and garnished with some raspberries.

In a bid to lead healthier lifestyles, consumers are increasingly looking to reduce their alcohol intake, therefore it is important to offer some low/ no alcohol options on your menu to cater to these needs.  71% of bartenders have agreed that a wider no/ low alcohol offering would increase sales in the venue in which they work.5​ Brunch is a new growing occasion6​ which operators can tap into with healthier options, even going as far as combining the booming cocktail category with this opportunity.

Britvic has a range of mixers and juices, including Britvic Indian Tonic Water, Cranberry Juice and innovations, such as Britvic Raspberry Tonic, which is perfectly positioned to tap into this growth and help pubs and bars drive sales.

Get involved by visiting​ for free Point Of Sale (POS) kits, as well as advice and serve suggestions using Britvic Mixers to help drive sales for your establishment.  

Cocktail Inspiration

Elderflower Royale


50 ml Chambord

200ml Britvic Elderflower Tonic Water



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