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Quality coffee is key in attracting customers to pubs
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Quality coffee is key in attracting customers to pubs

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Almost half of customers would not return to a pub if they had been served poor quality coffee there, according to exclusive research by UCC Coffee UK & Ireland.
The survey of 750 consumers, carried out by Allegra World Coffee Portal, on behalf of the total coffee solution supplier, revealed 44% of consumers would be put off returning to a pub if the coffee was bad.

Yet, 41% of those asked said they would buy more coffee from pubs more often if the quality was better.

More than a quarter (28%) of those asked said they would visit a pub or bar for their morning coffee rather than a high street coffee shop if they opened earlier.

A great experience

At meal times, almost two-thirds of consumers said a cup of high-quality coffee at the end of a meal is the difference between a good quality experience and a great one.

The findings confirm coffee is still the number one on-trend drink, with a third (33%) of consumers now buying the beverage out-of-home at least four times a week and almost two thirds willing to pay £2.99 for a great cup of coffee.

UCC Coffee UK & Ireland head of category & insight Phil Smith, said: “Lots of pub operators are doing coffee well, but there’s still significant room for improvement across the market.
“For pubs and bars keen to diversify, grow and retain their customer base, or to set themselves apart from the competition, high-quality coffee is the key.”
Coffee quality had a significant impact on great food pubs and a bad cup would be detrimental to customer satisfaction.

‘Consumers willing to drink more coffee in pubs and bars’

Smith added: “The results from our research clearly show that consumers are willing to drink more coffee in pubs and bars – in turn, operators must be willing to give coffee the same attention as they do their alcohol or food offers.”

The importance of good quality coffee in pubs was echoed by British Institute of Innkeeping chairman Anthony Pender, who said the current coffee trend would be around for a long time.
“Coffee is the on-trend drink of today – of that there can be no doubt. More than a third of consumers buy coffee out-of-home at least four times a week.”

“This isn’t a fad, coffee is here to stay. For pub and bar operators looking to invest in their future, their business and grow their customer base, coffee is a revenue generator like no other.”