Audeohost Inc.

Audeohost Inc.

Audeohost is a digital platform that delivers your TV sound to your guest's smartphone - they listen live to whatever programmes are showing on your screens using our app. They control their own volume.

Your venue can be busy or quiet. The app lists available live audio from each of your TV set top boxes or other viewing sources (e.g. Roku) to keep your guests engaged, be it sport, news or the daily soap.

When several games are on at the same time throughout your premises and even with a feature game volume or music on in the background, guests can listen to any commentary on their phone.

Audeohost can be used to setup group listening zones, by attaching a Bluetooth speaker to a phone.

To get your venue up and running, a small management server connected to the TV sources and wi-fi is needed.

As a social distancing aid guests can hear an event while sitting alone or with a group of friends, using their own managed and maintained device so there are no apparent health hygiene risks.

Email address: gryyzrzber@nhqrbubfg.pbz

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