Dineflow Ltd

Dineflow Ltd

Dineflow provides owner-managed hospitality businesses with a simple tool that increases the value of food and drink orders served on or off premises.  Our mobile order, pay and reward platform allows customers to order and pay securely and safely by using their mobile phone. This works whether food is delivered to the table, to a customer's home or prepared for collection.  The in-app messages and push notifications allow you to reconnect with customers and bring them back to your business time and time again. 

The Dineflow platform makes hospitality businesses more efficient while, for those opening for the first time, it represents a brilliant, low-cost way to get started.

Orders are not only processed and fulfilled securely, the reports and insights available through the system help you to manage and grow your business effectively. 

For those starting out, there is no need for additional ePOS.

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