JD Wetherspoon defends e-cigarette ban in pubs

By Noli Dinkovski

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JD Wetherspoon in e-cigarette ban
JD Wetherspoon in e-cigarette ban
JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has defended its position after it emerged that the use of e-cigarettes had been banned inside all of its pubs.

Despite e-cigarettes being exempt from Smokefree Legislation, the managed pub chain claimed that barstaff had found it difficult to distinguish e-cigarette users from real smokers.

A spokesman for the company said that allowing e-cigarette use would result in bar workers having to “police the pub”, distracting them from their other tasks.

He said: “While we appreciate that electronic cigarettes are legal, the bottom line is that they generally emit a vapour that looks like smoke.

“Therefore, if a customer looks like they are smoking, barstaff have no other choice but to investigate.”

Rather than being told to leave, the spokesman said e-cigarette users are being politely asked to use the designated outdoor smoking areas.

“What we have found is that while some e-cigarette users have been disappointed, there have been no real issues. The ban applies to all of our pubs, so everybody knows where they stand.”

JDW’s stance has been criticised by e-cigarette producers. Adrian Everett, group CEO at manufacturer E-Lites, claimed that his product gave a very distinctive green LED light, which ensures that “there can be no confusion with a cigarette”.

Everett said: “We’re disappointed for the customers of Wetherspoons by the pub owner’s current policy.

"The help e-cigarettes can provide to smokers in reducing their dependency on tobacco is now widely recognised and we’d hope to see more landlords allowing their customers to use a product that is of benefit to their own health and the wider public health of the nation.

“We’d have assumed Wetherspoons would also welcome a product that will keep customers in their premises while reducing the security, noise and litter issues which arise from smokers going outside.

“We know our customers enjoy using E-Lites in pubs, clubs and restaurants safe in the knowledge they are having no adverse effect on the people around them, so to treat them like smokers does seem a like missed opportunity.”

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Posted by Martin,

I had a collapsed lung. The hospital were fine with ecigarettes, and nhs policy is now to advocate them . When discharged I was told to keep away from smoke. But wetherspoons makes vapers stay with regular smokers. A very ill thought out decision. Shame on you spoons!

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Posted by Wayne,

I was in the bell in amesbury and I was outside smoking my vaper at about 10 to 11 where we told we all had to go inside cause of the neighbours so we went inside enjoying our drinks and I noticed two other people were smoking their vapers so I smoked mine in the pub and one of the bar staff who recently moved from Salisbury told me that the second time I have told you not to vaper inside which was not true cause u have never vapered inside before said that she would ban me which was a bit unfair . it was the first time I had vaped in wetherspoons only because I saw two other people vaping at the same time there was nobody eating around us so I thought it was OK didn't realise that I was not loud to vap nothing was said to the other people . and me and my wife are valued customers as we spent a lot time having meals and a drink and Charlie the manager would agree that we are valued customers so sorry to afend anyone I didn't realise Wayne and Kate.

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Posted by Curtis,

What a load of troll, e.cigs are good for all, the problem is with the antics. Weatherspoons, As a pub, is the worst, one rule this day for A, next day A rule gone, Rule B. What carp.Bin

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