Long road ahead for demolished Carlton Tavern

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Long road ahead for demolished Carlton Tavern

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Westminster council have unanimously voted to serve the developers who bulldozed the Carlton Tavern with an enforcement notice ordering the pub to be rebuilt.

The council announced its intention to issue the notice last week but formally decided to proceed at a meeting held on Tuesday. 

Conservative Councillor Jan Prendergast urged the committee to take action at the meeting, which was widely attended by the pub community including CAMRA and the Protect our Pubs campaign, as well by members of the general public.

CAMRA pub protection officer James Watson warned that although the meeting was a positive step, there is still a long road ahead before the Carlton Tavern is restored to all its former glory.

Watson said: “It was great to see such a turnout even though the meeting was rubber stamping the inevitable. The meeting was quite an unusual step in the planning process but the council wants to make sure they have every t crossed as in such a big and high profile case, the developer is very likely to appeal.

“He will have 28 days to appeal the notice from when it was issued. Enforcement appeals are usually heard by public enquiry, a process that takes another six months at least. Even after that, the developers will have 18 months to rebuild the pub because it’s such a detailed process.”

Developers CLTX Ltd failed to send a formal request to the council inquiring whether the pub, which has stood since the 1920s, had been listed as an asset of community value. Demolition would not have been allowed in the 56 days following the request. 

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Posted by david,

For the umpteenth time; your opinions are not facts.

The last sentence of your post perfectly illustrates your inability to make the distinction:


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Posted by ken nason,

You have this inbuilt desire to label everything that others post

My statement of fact is now "an attempt to trivialise"My comment on your apparent understanding of the whole situation is "infantile".

Does it really add anything to a debate to add such derisory comments rather than stick with facts.

As I stated whether the councils view of the matter and their enforcement notice are appropriate or measured actions is for the lawyers to decide if appealed by the developer.

Planners do not implement or enforce to "send a message" It is not in their power to do so nor should it be.

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Posted by david,

I've no idea why you continue to attempt to trivialise the developer failing to give the required notice.

That failure combined with the developer demolishing the building would appear to me to have very significant consequences.

It's stating the obvious that there will be a protracted legal dispute. (Incidentally, where did I ever suggest the developer should not be allowed to appeal? And quite what do you mean by your infantile "Glad to see you got there in the end".

As ever, you miss the point entirely. What message would a fine send to other developers who buy functioning pubs, fail to get planning permission to develop them, and then reduce them to a pile of rubble?

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