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Drive pub profits and cut waste with Aqua Libra Co

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How to sell water without bottles

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Water is a valuable revenue stream in for pubs and bars, worth over £358m[1] annually in licenced and foodservice. Yet, sales are threatened as consumers look to make more sustainable choices by swapping packaged options for tap water, while the sector also faces a glass bottle shortage. However, water revenues can continue to flow if operators tap into both planet- and business-friendly options.

Aqua Libra Co – the smart, profitable and sustainable water choice for outlets

Aqua Libra Co is reinventing hydration for good. We are expanding our vision to become a highly sustainable water brand with our range of high-quality filtered water dispensers for hospitality.

Aqua Libra’s pure-tasting filtered water has been proven to enhance any hospitality venue, while future-proofing businesses through:

  • Smart functionality
  • Exceptional performance
  • Premium aesthetics and durability
  • Maintenance plans and 24-hour service

For more information about Aqua Libra Co and its range of glass-shattering dispense systems, visit or get in touch by email uryyb@ndhnyvoen.pbzor telephone 0800 080 6696.

Looking beyond the bottle and installing technology like water dispense units is better for the planet and a great way to reduce road miles and single-use packaging. But this isn’t necessarily good for hospitality, which as a sector earns millions every year by offering guests a choice of still or sparkling water.

While consumers often make the shift from packaged to tap for environmental reasons, with more looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, water from the tap doesn’t hit the flavour or taste mark

Enter Aqua Libra Co, a glass-shattering solution to both environmental and flavour concerns, and a dispense system that provides pure-tasting filtered still and sparkling without the carbon impact from the bottle. This in turn cuts waste while delivering strong revenues for pub and bar businesses.

Aqua Libra Co’s industry-leading, energy efficient water dispensers, backed by Britvic Soft Drinks, provide outlets with great-tasting, pure filtered water for customers from a specially installed tap. Profits are maximised due to the system’s intuitive design, while taking away the necessity for disposable packaging helps outlets reach sustainability targets.

The high-design system comes in three eye-catching options – Alto, Mechanical and Countertop – and a selection of colours. Each offers outlets the opportunity to increase long-term profits and reduce bottling-up and glass recycling times.

Experts from Aqua Libra Co also offer customers training, advice and on-table messaging to educate consumers on the value of water from Aqua Libra Co taps. This includes information on the benefits of buying filtered water in reused glass bottles, which create less waste and are also better for an outlet’s bottom line.

The system continues to benefit from innovation and investment as it strives to reinvent hydration for good. Aqua Libra Co’s latest innovation, the Flavour Tap, was announced earlier this year, and has been developed as a completely new solution within the healthy hydration market.

New tech, such as the Aqua Libra Co’s Flavour Tap, continues to help hospitality operators deliver against sustainable credentials, but with a positive impact on finances. And as consumers continue to tread with greener footprints, along with predicted glass bottle shortages, outlets that set their businesses up for the future will win on the customer sentiment and revenue fronts.

What our customers say

Cyrus Todiwala, Café Spice Namaste​: “Sustainability in hospitality has always played a significant role in my approach to business. At Café Spice Namaste, we have been at the forefront of recycling. As far back as 1993, we were recycling all our glass, and our food waste was collected separately. At Royal Albert Wharf, we have upcycled many of our furnishings from our old location. When it comes to choosing suppliers, we only partner up with those who share our sustainability ethos. And Aqua Libra Co was the perfect choice for us, ticking all the boxes. We look forward to working on a few projects with the team at Aqua Libra Co, including a refill location and giving back to community campaigns through the Café Spice Namaste restaurant.”

For more information about Aqua Libra Co and its range of glass-shattering dispense systems, visit or get in touch by email uryyb@ndhnyvoen.pbzor telephone 0800 080 6696.

[1]​ CGA Foodservice & Licensed MAT Data to March 2022 (not including Water Plus)

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