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Brewfitt: Going Green with the Future of Dispense System

By Brewfitt

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How Brewfitt Future of Dispense System helps save space and energy

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The concept of “going green” encompasses a wide range of topics, including reducing our carbon footprint, minimising pollution, protecting the environment and promoting reuse and recycling. The benefits of embracing sustainability are evident and it is becoming increasingly clear that it is not only important from an environmental standpoint but also from an operational perspective.

For years being green has always been a nicety, a by-product of a business but rarely the main objective. The tide is turning, not just figurately either. With climate change starting to take more prominence in the news with reports of the impacts starting to be seen in real time, the images of record temperatures, rising sea levels and melting glaciers paint a grim picture. It can be challenging to grasp how our collective actions contribute towards it.

While politicians and world leaders gather at COP28 in Dubai later this year, the scientific consensus remains unchanged: we must reduce our carbon emissions. Although the objective may seem straightforward on (recycled) paper, it can often feel overwhelming in practice, leaving individuals feeling powerless to effect change.

Fortunately, the perception of sustainability has shifted in recent years, gaining momentum as businesses recognise its significance to their success. It is no longer merely a nicety; it has become a necessity.

“Playing our part – Future of Dispense”

Dispense plays a huge part in any venue’s sustainability ambitions. From electricity consumption to waste management, it ticks all the boxes and provides the ideal opportunity to achieve significant savings on emissions and bank balances.

Brewfitt, as the pioneers of the original beer cooler, have continuously innovated to deliver class leading dispense solutions. The Future of Dispense system (FOD) is our state-of-the-art draught dispense system that offers incredible cooling and efficiency properties.


We’ve reimagined the traditional cellar system and created innovative solutions for how product cooling is achieved. FOD changes the dynamics of dispense in a modern and efficient way, this helps to save space and energy through more efficient cooling. This is achieved thanks to our range of patented CoolTube heat exchangers and performance 2flow coolant range.

“Cooled to perfection”

FOD meets the demands of what a modern system can achieve. With the efficiency of the CoolTubes it can eliminate the need for additional coolers, not only saving space and capital equipment costs but more importantly running costs and carbon emissions. Often being kind to the environment can be kind on your bottom line and FOD is no exception with up to 40%+ typical energy savings.

FOD is a premium solution, offering variable dispense temperatures tailored to your specification. The compact size and efficiency of the CoolTube offer practical advantages as well. The versatility of the CoolTube allows it to be stored in a cellar or bar, depending on the venue’s preference, freeing up space whilst maintaining peak performance. Additionally, the system's efficiency reduces the frequency of line cleaning, resulting in significant savings on beer waste. All these benefits contribute to a greener system and significantly lower operational costs.


Recognising that each venue is unique, FOD is customisable to suit your needs. You can use our handy calculator​ to estimate the savings you can expect.

Going green goes beyond implementing a few energy-saving tips; it requires a commitment that should underpin every business decision. The social aspect of the importance of going green is crucial too. Studies have shown that customers are seeking venues with green credentials, empowering themselves to make better choices and playing their part.

We have a team of experts who can advise you on what you can achieve with Future of Dispense and our other range of solutions and we would encourage you to discuss them with us to see how you could make positive changes and be part of a successful green future. Visit​ for further information on Future of Dispense and our other range of solutions.

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