Genuine concerns: the number of companies that have challenged their business rates has dropped

Number of business rates appeals 'drops 95%'

By Georgina Townshend

Figures show the amount of companies that have asked the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) for their business rates to be checked has dropped by 95% from seven years ago, according to rent and rates specialists Altus Group.

Cheers: Make sure you look after the designated drivers this Christmas as well! (Image: ImageegamIstock/

How pubs can look after designated drivers over Christmas

By Georgina Townshend

The number of drink-driving casualties is on the decline, and the amount of soft-drink options are on the up. This combination provides opportunities for pubs and means the heroes of Christmas – the designated drivers – can be looked after during the...

Good advice: ensuring all staff are fully trained is key to a safe festive period

Legal top tips: getting into the Christmas spirit

By Poppleston Allen

Christmas is just around the corner and while you may be looking forward to taking advantage of the increase in trade, it is important to ensure your customers do
not get carried away with the Christmas ‘spirit’ and over indulge by having one...

Spirit price rise: with Scotland set to introduce minimum unit pricing, will Wales follow and will English border towns become 'the new Calais'?

Minimum unit pricing not UK wide

By Poppleston Allen

The Supreme Court has backed the Scottish decision to introduce minimum unit pricing (MUP) but let’s consider how we got here and what’s next.

Time to talk: Portman Group chief executive John Timothy saysd he wants to kickstart a

Safe spaces play a vital role in night-time economy

By Stuart Stone

According to a new report by MAKE Associates, safe spaces play a key role in alleviating pressure on police resources and local accident and emergency departments and could return over £100m per year to the NHS.

Shropshire pub launches formal share offer

By Stuart Stone

The White Lion Pub in Ash Magna, Shropshire, launched a formal share offer at a public meeting on 30 November in the hope of keeping the 250-year-old site open.

Falcon contracts: campaigners want to see an end to the agreements

Heineken urged to end Falcon contracts

By Claire Churchard

Campaigners have called on Heineken to end the use of Falcon contracts, which the company will be taking on as part of its deal to buy 1,900 Punch pubs.