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Make it Perfect with Red Bull and Give Your Profits Wings

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Research by Red Bull suggests that by ensuring pubs deliver the perfect serve every time, they can increase sales by up to 21%. Achieving this is simple, it comes down to just four steps:

  1. The glass​ – serve in a tall glass
  2. The ice​ – don’t stint on this part – fill the glass with ice to ensure the finished drink stays cold for longer and does not become diluted
  3. The garnish​ – 8/10 consumers prefer the taste of Red Bull long mixed drink with a squeeze of lime
  4. The can​ – always present the consumer with a full can, cold from the fridge, that has been opened, but not poured

So simple, you may think, do consumers really notice? Red Bull suggests they do, and outlines the opportunity, as well as the effect a bad serve can have on a pub’s bottom-line:

  1. Upsell through premiumisation
    Consumer expectation is higher than ever, with the growing trend towards premium drinks. Delivering a premium serve provides pubs with a credible opportunity to upsell, as consumers will feel they are getting more value for money.
  2. Poor serve, poor profit
    Not getting it right can have a long-term impact on a pub’s business. 37% of consumers claim they would leave a venue after receiving a poorly served drink and not come back in the future, and 16% would not order another spirit and mixer in that venue, trading-down to a less profitable alternative.
  3. Serve your customers what they want
    Red Bull is the number one energy drink in the world, with 75% market share in the on-premise sector, adding £8.2 million in sales year over year . With 90% of energy drinkers specifically asking for the brand when out of home, serve them what they want.

If they see it, they’re more likely to buy
Making Red Bull clearly visible to consumers can increase sales by up to 18% , with seven out of 10 consumers claiming visibility influences their purchase . To maximise awareness and ensure the can is always cold, Red Bull recommends placing it in a dedicated cooler or on the top shelf of the main fridge, clearly signposted with point of sale (POS).

Give It a Twist
As long mixed drinks become more relevant to a broader range of occasions , outperforming both LAD and wine , the category presents an unmissable opportunity for pubs, particularly with a meal and after work drinks.

This summer, Red Bull is providing a profitable solution to long mixed drinks with a ‘Twist’ on traditional serves – 0% abv mocktails. The launch of ‘Red Bull Twist’ is being supported across the trade, through a series of dedicated recipe serves, sampling and bespoke POS, including A3 posters, menu inserts and table toppers, as well as digital for outlet TVs and screens.
With consumers rating taste as one of the most important factors when choosing a drink to buy and 34% claiming they would drink mocktails if available , these recipe serves aim to attract new users to the energy category and broaden its appeal across more occasions, driving incremental sales at earlier day parts and into the evening. Offer your consumers a ‘Red Bull Twist’ with these serving suggestions:

Red Bull Twist
Serve:​ Tall glass, filled with crushed ice
Ingredients:​ Red Bull Energy, 10ml lime juice, 10ml sugar syrup, 20ml cloudy apple juice, 4 blackberries

Red Bull Twist Sugarfree
Serve:​ Tall glass, filled with crushed ice
Ingredients:​ Red Bull Sugarfree, 50ml lime juice, 6 mint leaves, 10ml strawberry puree

Red Bull Twist Tropical
Serve:​ Tall glass, filled with crushed ice
Ingredients:​ Red Bull Tropical, 20ml lime juice, 20ml sugar syrup, 20ml pineapple juice, 6 mint leaves, 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters


For more information on how to give your profit wings, contact Red Bull at bacerzvfrznexrgvat@hx.erqohyy.pbz​.

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