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Bar Essentials – Beer Guide

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Bar Essentials – Beer Guide

Beer continues to be a fascinating world, full of exciting products that are keeping customers engaged. From craft-inspired brews to stalwart lagers, on-trade beer sales show no signs of slowing down.

According to recent CGA data, beer accounts for almost half (49.1%) of all on-trade drink sales. From craft-inspired brews to stalwart lagers, there is no sign of the nation’s love for beer wavering.

This exciting category provides licensees with a real opportunity to refine their offer and capitalise on trends, to ultimately drive more money through their tills.

Written in association with Diageo, the Beer Supplement will give you a chance to reflect on the wonderful world of beer, refresh your mind on best practices and inspire better sales of the drink that we all know and love.

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1​ CGA OPMS MAT 21/04/2018

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